(Mercer, IL) – December 16th, 2016: A DUI offender who had prior run ins with the law for drunk driving specifically has now been sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for a car accident that he caused while driving under the influence which resulted in the injury of an Illinois state trooper, as reported by chicagotribune.com.

The state trooper in question has been identified as Michael Cokins, and unfortunately, his injuries are far from negligible. The trooper suffered from sixteen broken bones and eight surgeries and investigators believe that it was a miracle that he survived the horrific crash.

The suspect in the case is 61 year old Leslie Thurow. Cokins in no uncertain terms told in court that he would have to live with what she did to him for the rest of his life. Thurow who hails from Mount Prospect was handed a 13 year prison sentence for the crime by the judge, considering that it was not her first drunk driving offense. Such sentences are expected in such cases involving multiple offenses according to sensational DUI lawyers in Mercer, IL.

Leslie Thurow is obviously a weak person.

The car accident occurred as Cokins stood talking to a motorist on Interstate 294 in the proximity of Northlake when Throw struck him. Shockingly, only two days prior to this tragedy, Thurow was released from jail where she had just spent three months after being convicted for drunken driving for the third time in only a period of nine months. Thurow’s license was suspended and she was explicitly ordered not to drive. She received the sentence after pleading guilty to aggravated DUI.

Why drink and drive? It makes no sense!

Driver Who Caused Triple Fatal Accident was Convicted of DUI in the Past Too

It was in 2014 that Alejandro Salen was charged with a DUI after being arrested in Belleville where he was found to have been driving with a blood alcohol content of .21% BAC which is over two times the maximum legal limit of 0.08% BAC, according to Illinois DUI attorneys.

According to bnd.com, the repercussions from the arrest and conviction have certainly not seemed to have deterred him from committing this crime again because now he is dead. He was killed when his vehicle crossed the median and veered into oncoming traffic. Salen struck a Chevrolet head on and caused a triple fatal accident in which two other people were also killed.

Another person identified as 74 year old Donald Hess survived the car accident, but is in a critically yet stable condition in hospital. The deceased have been identified as 74 year old Jerilyn Hess and 24 year old Christopher Craig. Alcohol is suspected to be a factor in the auto accident provided the nature in which the car accident occurred and given the Salen’s prior DUI conviction.

Good riddance to Alejandro Salen! Jerilyn Hess and Christopher Craig will be missed. DUI lawyers in Mercer, IL have no idea why certain people are this irresponsible.

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