Boston, MA- A Massachusetts, Olivia Mora, woman pleaded not guilty charges related to a drunk driving accident she caused last fall which left a 7 year-old girl dead.

Mora had blood alcohol levels almost five times the legal limit last November 26th when she plowed her SUV into Grendalee Alvarado and her 7 year-old daughter Brianna as they walked along Olney Street in Dorchester.

Brianna was taken to a local hospital for treatment where she was later pronounced dead. Alvarado suffered serious injuries and has suffered four strokes, gone through surgeries and accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills since last fall’s accident, the Boston Globe reported.

The accident was caught on a surveillance camera which shows Mora’s vehicle slamming into the two pedestrians before striking a fire hydrant and another vehicle before jumping a curb and coming to a stop in someone’s front yard, CBS reported.

Witnesses said Mora allegedly tried to reverse her car and leave the scene, but neighbors who heard the crash stopped her.

During Mora’s arraignment, Suffolk Assistant District Attorney Masai King said police determined Mora was driving 30 miles over the posted speed limit when the crash occurred. She also had an extremely high blood alcohol limit.

Nine hours after the crash Mora’s blood alcohol content was .125, well above the .08 legal limit in Massachusetts. According to the Boston Globe, calculations from a chemist put Mora’s BAC between .188 and .386 when the crash occurred.

Mora pleaded not guilty to a host of charges which include indictments charging manslaughter by motor vehicle, motor vehicle homicide while operating under the influence, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, operating under the influence causing serious bodily injury, and leaving the scene of an accident causing personal injury. She was taken into police custody under a $150,000 cash bond.

The arraignment was the first time since Mora was arrested that she was able to see her 4 year-old daughter. Although Alvarado who was weeping in court, had sympathy or the fact Mora has not been able to see her daughter, she was quick to point out she will never be able to see her daughter again.

Her defense attorney said the state police report contained a factual error, an issue with the time a blood test was taken, according to the Boston Globe.

Driving drunk is stupid, and can have devastating consequences as the case clearly demonstrates. Even though it’s stupid and negligent to driver under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, the person charged has the right to defend themselves against in court. The penalties can be severe and as is the case for this accident, the offender may spend time in jail and lose other freedoms.

It is necessary that all people facing a drunken or drugged driving retain a DUI attorney to build a solid DUI defense. A DUI attorney can help an alleged offender possibly reduce their charges and minimize some of the resulting penalties.