Atlanta, GA- Meth, like alcohol, makes people do stupid things and even though it will make matters worse for them in the long run, people, especially meth heads, will go to extreme measures to avoid arrest. One Atlanta woman tried to evade arrest and ended up dragging an officer behind her car before she was finally taken into custody.

According to reports, police noticed a car sitting by railroad tracks in northwest Atlanta Monday night. When they approached the car, officers found a woman slumped over the steering wheel whom they believed was impaired.

An oncoming train was approaching the parked car at the same time as officers, and sounded off the warning sound which aroused the driver later identified as Anna Dittmer. Upon seeing the officers, Dittmer tried to flee the scene as one of the officers reached into her vehicle to apprehend her. She took off, dragging the officer alongside her vehicle and didn’t stop until she slammed into a pole, according to MyFoxAtlanta.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported the dragged officer fractured his left hand and suffered large abrasions to his head, legs and arms. If he so chooses, an accident attorney could work to recoup then officer’s medical expenses and loss of wages.

Dittmer finally taken into custody and is facing a litany of charges which include DUI drugs, serious injury by motor vehicle, possession of methamphetamine, aggravated assault and driving with a suspended license. Police noted that Dittmer has an outstanding warrant from Florida for dangerous drugs.

Make no mistake, a DUI, whether for drugs or alcohol, is serious and many people tried to evade arrest or flee the scene. But in reality, attempting to flee from police or from the scene of a drunken driving accident, is a mistake that can’t easily be undone by a DUI attorney.  All a person manages to do is to rack up criminal charges they will later have to fight in court.

There is a lot of debate on how to deal with police when you are pulled over for anything whether it is a minor traffic violation or a DUI stop. People have animosity towards police officers until they need their help, its natural but don’t let that animosity jeopardize your freedom. Even though a person may be angry they’ve been pulled over, it’s important to cooperate with police.

When an officer pulls you over, they first want to see your license and registration and then they start asking you questions such as: “Have you been drinking tonight?” “Do you know why I pulled you over?” There’s no right answer and you don’t have to answer any questions that might be used as evidence against you. Police often think an omission of facts or answers is an admission of guilt but that isn’t how the courts will see it when your DUI attorney presents your defense. It’s also your right to refuse field sobriety tests and a breath test, but that has an additional set of consequences.

The key is to be respectful towards police, you don’t have to be pals, but disrespecting police or trying to flee can turn a DUI charge into far more serious criminal charges.