Miami, FL- A Miami cardiologist is facing an aggravated DUI charges in connection with a 2014 accident that left an elderly pedestrian dead.

The Sun Sentinel reports that 61-year-old Dr. Eric Martin Spivack was arrested at Aventura Hospital, where he works. On Tuesday, he was charged with DUI manslaughter.

An arrest report from the August 2014 accident stated that Spivack was driving home when he struck Yakov Duboshinskiy as he was crossing the street at Northeast 163rd and 35th Avenue, the Sun Sentinel reports. The arrest report goes on to state that there were no skid marks or other indications that Spivack even tried to stop.

Toxicology tests showed Spivack’s BAC was .087 at the time of the accident, and he also had codeine in his system.

NBC reports that Spivack was released on bond and is under house arrest until his case is resolved.

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