Miami, Florida, Will My DUI Charge Remain on My Record Permanently?

Being subjected to a DUI charge means that a person will have their driving and criminal record stained. The unfortunate truth is that the conviction will remain on a person’s record for 75 years, which basically means for their entire lifetime. To make matters worse, DUI charges can not be expunged or sealed so they will be accessible to employers and other authorities upon their request in the future.

Apart from having one’s record stained a person will also have to pay fines and undergo a certain amount of community service before they are allowed to resume their day to day activities again. Hiring a DUI lawyer is the best route to pursue for anyone who is looking to reduce their charges as much as possible. A DUI lawyer can help a person plead to a lesser charge. If the pleading is accepted but the court, then it will withhold the court from finalizing the DUI charge. If the charge is not recorded, then it can be expunged and even sealed from a person’s record.

What can complicate my DUI charge?

A person’s case may not be so straightforward if this is not their first DUI charge. Their case may also become more complicated if they were underage drivers, and if they were driving without a valid license. One of the main factors which can cause a simple DUI case to escalate dramatically is if a person gets into a serious accident which causes personal injuries while they are drunk driving. Driving under the influence is taken so seriously by the law because of the danger it poses to the driver and the rest of society. A person should always arrange for a ride with someone else when they know there is a chance of them getting drunk at any event.

A person can never be too safe when it comes to DUI because of the risk that it poses to their well-being and to their legal record. DUI charges generally cannot be removed so a person will be stuck with them for their entire lifetime and this may cause them to miss out on good opportunities in their future.

What can a lawyer do for me?

Hiring a lawyer is the first step a person should take after they are pulled over by an officer. A lawyer can inform a person of the various options they have before them to try and have their penalties reduced or to have their charges cleared. Each person’s case is different depending on their driving record, other criminal charges, age, and accompanying factors. A lawyer will be able to use their education and experience to propose legal defenses and to collect pieces of evidence that will help aid a person in their case.

If a person decides to try and proceed without the help of a DUI lawyer they are risking the loss of the attorney’s legal expertise and this can cause them to end up with more penalties than necessary.

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