Boca Raton, FL- After night of drinking, Kate Major, Michael Lohan’s girlfriend was arrested for drunken driving and battery after the couple was involved in a domestic dispute late Thursday night at their Florida home.

Michael Lohan, whose daughter, actress Lindsay Lohan has had a few encounter with the law herself, called police on his much- younger girlfriend after the couple were involved in a domestic dispute.

According to the arrest report, Major had been drinking and became volatile after Lohan took away her car keys. She allegedly wanted to go and get more alcohol but Lohan thought she was too drunk to drive so tried to stop.

TMZ reported that couple got into a “nasty argument,” during which Major allegedly hit him several times, scratching his face and chasing him around their home, the Palm Beach Post reported. Lohan called police while Major was attempting to flee their home but she didn’t get far.

After finding a set of keys for another car owned by the couple, Major took off and as the police were arriving she ran into some bushes near their Boca Raton home. She was stopped by police and was asked to perform a

According to the arrest report, obtained by TMZ, Major failed several sobriety tests. The report states, “Major missed the tip of her nose on her second, third, fourth, and fifth attempts. Touching her nostril on her second, third, and fourth attempts, and touching the space between her nose and upper lip on her fifth attempt.”

Not only was she unable to touch her nose, but she couldn’t even recite the alphabet even after several attempts. In total, Major failed six different field sobriety tests at the scene. Her failure to perform the sobriety tests along with her breath which smelled of alcohol and her slurred speech was enough for police to charge her with DUI on top of her battery charges.

Major’s blood alcohol content was .243, three times the legal limit and she reportedly told police she knows she has a drinking problem.

Major was taken to jail around 12:44 a.m. and TMZ alleges she will stay in jail until her court date which is next Tuesday.

This is Major’s first DUI so the penalties won’t be too harsh and she just might get the help she needs for her drinking problem. Many first-time DUI offenders avoid jail altogether, especially if they retain a savvy DUI attorney. But Major could lose her license or be required to install an ignition interlock device since her blood alcohol level was so high. A court could also order her to go to rehab and participate in a victim impact panel.

The battery charge is what Major really needs to worry about. Major and Lohan have a history of domestic disputes which can partly be attributed to her drinking problem.

Lots of people have drinking problems and though they may get away with driving under the influence numerous times, they will eventually find themselves in need of a good DUI attorney.