Grand Rapids, MI- A DUI charge can have significant legal consequences. If you’ve been arrested for drunken or drugged driving, you probably know that already. The prospect of spending a few nights in jail and losing your license may be terrifying, but there are ways for you to avoid a DUI conviction and the troublesome penalties by building top-notch DUI defense lawyer.

The most important thing you can do to fight your DUI charges is to retain a Michigan DUI lawyer to work on your defense. USAttorneys’ DUI experts have the legal knowledge to help you avoid a DUI conviction or give you the leverage you need to secure a plea bargain of wet reckless.

Most DUI arrests begin with a traffic stop. What happens during that stop will have a significant bearing on your DUI case, and a lot of mistakes can be made on law enforcement’s end.  The vast majority of law enforcement officers are very familiar with the law and your rights and make sure they respect them throughout the course of your stop and arrest if you are being charged. Under the U.S. Constitution, police must be able to show probable cause before they can pull you over, meaning they must have a legitimate reason to pull you over. If happened to swerve out of your lane, an officer may have probable cause to pull you over. If you were speeding or failed to stop at stop sign, you can be stopped.

A good attorney will first to look and see if an officer had sufficient probable cause to pull you over before charging you with DUI. If an officer didn’t have sufficient probable cause, the charges against you might be dismissed. Your attorney will also look at all aspects of your arrest to ensure the arresting officer respected your rights and followed legal protocol.

Another thing a DUI defense lawyer will review is your performance in field sobriety tests along with breathalyzers or chemical tests. While these tests are considered accurate, there is room for error, and some DUI offenders are arrested and charged wrongfully. Even the Highway Traffic Safety Administration admits some factors can affect a person’s ability to perform successfully such tests such as back injury or a medical condition. When you retain a DUI lawyer in Grand Rapids, they will make certain the breathalyzers are being used correctly by law enforcement officers in the area where your arrest took place.

Our team of DUI defense lawyers in Michigan will examine all aspects of your arrest, so they can provide you with the best defense. They understand the long-term consequences of your DUI and will do what it takes to give you the best defense.

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