Dearborn Heights, MI- If you have been arrested and charged for driving under the influence in the Michigan you are no doubt aware that you are facing some serious legal consequences. But what you may not know is the exact consequences you are facing and what steps you can take to avoid a conviction. Here our team of OWI attorneys in Michigan will answer the more commonly asked questions they hear.

What are the penalties for a first OWI in Michigan?

In Michigan, if you are convicted of your first OWI, you could spend up to 93 days in jail—though an effective defense may keep you out of jail altogether. Financial penalties between $100 and $500. You may also have to attend a drunken driving assessment program and do community service.

Will I lose my license?

For a first-time OWI conviction in Michigan you will lose your license for up to 180 days if your blood alcohol content was below .017. If your BAC was above .017, you could lose your license for up to one year and getting it back can be difficult.

Your license will likely be seized upon your arrest and will remain suspended until you case is decided. It may be possible to get their license back pending the outcome of your case, but you need legal counsel on your side.

Are ignition interlocks mandatory?

Ignition interlocks are not mandatory with a first OWI conviction but they are for a second or subsequent conviction. These devices can be troublesome, but allow some people freedom the otherwise wouldn’t have. The cost of installing an ignition interlock and the monthly maintanence fees will add to the already exorbitant costs of a Michigan OWI.

Can I plead to a lesser charge?

In Michigan, it is possible for you to seek the lesser charge of “wet reckless,” which is essentially a reckless driving charged involving alcohol. Circumstances such as a lower blood alcohol content or no previous OWI charged will make it easier for you to get the a plea bargain. Pleading down to a “wet reckless,” can be done by allowing an attorney to negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf You should know that if you do plead down to a “wet reckless” it can still count against you if you are charged with a second OWI.

Do I need a lawyer to help with my OWI?

You don’t have to have defense attorney, but it is wise to retain one to help you with your charges. Deciding to plead guilty without thinking about the consequences may seem expedient at first, but it can turn out to be a very bad decision that could affect your job and your future. Without a defense, you have a greater chance of being convicted and facing the costly penalties. USAttorneys recommends you contact an OWI lawyer near you location to provide you with a strong defense. If you are in Dearborn Heights, we suggest you set up a consultation with attorneys at the Law Offices of Raymond A. Cassar, P.L.C. and get the expert help you need.