Jim Minick has been placed on administrative leave for an unspecified amount of time after he was pulled over and arrested for drunken driving in the township of Pittsfield. Minick has been a friend of coach Jim Harbaugh’s for a long time and the two also work hand in hand when it comes to football coaching in the state of Michigan.

As reported by freep.com, the arrest was initially under the radar but a TV channel eventually aired a segment that covered the incident four and a half days after the arrest which forced Harbaugh to make a public announcement declaring that Minick had indeed been arrested for driving under the influence and that he was going to be temporarily suspended. The announcement came only two hours after the TV channel had exposed the arrest.

Harbaugh’s speech also entailed that Minick had admitted fault, Harbaugh said that Minick regretted his decision and was not going to make any excuses for what he had done. The 51-year old assistant University of Michigan coach was arrested over the weekend in the dark hours of Saturday morning. Officers were dispatched to the location after calls came in reporting a single car crash in the proximity of Ann Arbor.

Responding officers found Minick to be the lone occupant in his GMC Yukon, officers said that Minick had told them that the crash was a result of being cut off by another car. However, DUI attorneys and investigators have not been able to prove or disprove that claim as of yet.

Minick may have some tall tales to tell but he needs an attorney. Some of the finest local attorneys in this state are found on the site: USAttorneys.com.

Detroit City Council member guilt-ridden on the way to prison

Scott Benson, a Detroit councilman of all people, has been handed a week long prison sentence for the crime of drunken driving. This conviction may prove to be a real blow to his political career. Benson did comment after being sentenced that he regretted the decision he made and that he hoped something positive would come from his arrest, as reported by Freep.com.

Benson’s arrest was especially embarrassing. He was apprehended by police after calls came in about an unresponsive driver. Responding Police Officers pulled over and found Benson passed out behind the wheel.

Making things worse for the councilman was the fact that his blood alcohol content was tested and came out at 0.24%, more than three times the legal drinking limit in the state, according to Michigan DUI attorneys. Benson was not only slumped against the steering wheel but arresting officers also found an open container of alcohol in the vehicle.


DUI laws in Michigan

Legislation in Michigan calls for quick and thorough judicial processing of drivers who have been arrested on suspicion of violating anti-drunk and drugged driving laws, according to Detroit DUI attorneys.

According to state law, any such driver needs to be either convicted or declared not guilty within 77 days from the time of his or her arrest. If convicted, even first time offenders will have their licenses taken away for 6 months. If convicted and proven to be driving while the BAC is over 0.17, their license may be suspended for 1 year.

If repeat offender or arrested with BAC over 0.17, the judge is mandatorily required to order some sort of alcohol and drug counselling. Likewise, there are several laws on the matter which vary from arrest to arrest and every arrest is usually unique so it is highly likely that the consequences will be unique too. The best way to equip yourself against the consequences is to appoint for yourself an aggressive and experienced Michigan DUI attorney who will know how to handle your case and minimize damages, be it jail time or fines.

Common sense in Michigan

Another thing to realize about Michigan is that it has an implied consent law, which basically stipulates that an arresting officer does not require a search warrant to subject you to blood alcohol tests. Under this law, any driver stopped for suspicion of drunken driving maybe subjected to a blood alcohol test, which if they refuse will result in further penalties.