Portage, MI- Because police officers are tasked with upholding the law and ensuring citizens are safe from a wide variety of threats, we hold them to a higher standard, but officers make mistakes just like everyone else. That is the case of a Michigan State Trooper who was arrested for drunken driving last week.

The Sault Ste. Marie Evening News reports that last week police arrested William H. Smith for OWI last Wednesday while he was off-duty, but few other details about the arrest have been released.

But the Evening News learned that this is not the trooper’s first OWI arrest. According to the paper, Smith faced the same charge back in 2012, but he managed to dodge a conviction after a year-long legal battle.

This trooper managed to keep his job after his first OWI arrest, but whether or not he’s manage to do so following his second drunken driving arrest remains to be seen. The Evening News reports that he has been suspended without pay for his latest arrest.

The consequences of an OWI arrest kick in immediately and most offenders have their license suspended upon their arrest. For a first OWI, the minimum license suspension is 6 months. For a second OWI arrest, the minimum license suspension is one year. OWI offenders may also have to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicles.

When it comes to an OWI and your job, it’s hit or miss.  If you work in an occupation that requires you drive, you may just lose your job or be forced to take a leave of absence until you get your license back. As for law enforcement officers, whether or not their job is on the line largely depends on the higher-ups for each law enforcement agency, but an officer can derail their careers following an OWI arrest. That is true of other occupations, as well.

Of course we all know that the most assured way to avoid an OWI conviction is to simply not drink and driver or take drugs and drive. But oftentimes motorists don’t realize how intoxicated they are or don’t even think twice about the consequences until it’s too late. If you are facing an OWI charge in Michigan, USAttorneys urges you to retain an OWI lawyer immediately.

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