The National Football League is different than other sports leagues. No, we are not just hinting at the number of star studded clubs, but also at the fact that the NFL unlike other leagues across the world, believes in fair play and in renegotiating contracts with its employees. The negotiations do not always go as per plan (the player’s and employees plan that is) and the NFL has been known to cut down players who demand excessive money or not! The country’s biggest sports league is not averse to showing someone the door and handing them a cardboard box when it’s limits are breached!

Some of the drama is expected – teams have to constantly remind players who the real boss is. Some of it is definitely unwarranted. But in the NFL world, the one rule that matters is that as a player you do your best to hold up your end of the deal and as long as you do that, the team will stick with its end of the bargain (in the team’s estimation that is). If a player however infringes on the deal, the club has all the rights to renegotiate a downward contract. Or better still, tear up the existing contract and tell the player in question to bid adieu.

NFL’s Tactics in Minnesota

If that arrangement can work for the country’s biggest team sports league, it should work for the rest of us too. St. Cloud Minnesota, is renegotiating its stadium agreement with the Vikings, but the question is―Why? The Vikings have regularly failed to uphold their end of the deal and maybe it’s time the Minnesota stadium owners tore up the contract NFL style, and asked the club to reorganize.

By tying the public stadium’s contribution to the Viking’s performance, one can see why it is bad for the reputation of the St. Cloud, Minnesota stadium to be associated with the purple uniform team any longer. The Vikings’ performance these past few weeks has been dismal, and to be entirely honest – an embarrassment for the stadium and the city they are associated with. The drubbing by the Packers is another thing, but it is the players themselves who are the root of the problem here.

Well, they would be better if Adrian Peterson was playing.

You do not want to act so badly that you have to be tased.

Embarrassments Galore

On September 12th, Adrian Peterson was indicted in Texas for allegations that he abused his four year old son. The Vikings team first suspended Peterson, then re-activated him, and then finally benched him again under public pressure on September 17th. If this was not enough, Jerome Simpson’s St Cloud Minnesota DUI attorney was defending the player’s July 7th arrest for his DUI crime and marijuana possession on national television.

October 5th saw the humiliation of Vikings player Tom Johnson when he allegedly refused to leave a Minneapolis restaurant after closing time and had to be tased and maced by police. Was the food that good?!

While all this is going on the Vikings want a new football stadium. Well the Twins have a new stadium how come the Vikings cannot? None of this pales to the issue though that Minneapolis has with many of its Arab residents flying to fight for ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Now this is something no DUI attorney can handle.

Minnesota needs to clean up this hornets’ nest as well as replace any dilapidated sports stadiums. But Minnesota may not be the place to be no matter how incredible this new football stadium is considering they put Al Franken in office.