The man who holds a state record for most drunken driving related convictions has been released, but is being monitored under Intensive Supervised Release, with GPS, and continuous transdermal monitoring. He has been convicted in 27 drunk driving related cases in Minnesota.

Some people believe why is even allowed to walk around freely? Certainly he cannot be insured by any insurance company. Though he probably does not care.

27 DUI convictions and still no lessons learned

Minnesota Department of Corrections spokeswoman Sarah Latuseck said that the 61 year old Bayport man, Danny Lee Bettcher, would be required to adhere to specific conditions on his release, that include following the directions of his probation officer, avoiding drugs and alcohol, not going to places that serve alcohol, not possessing a firearm, and submitting to unannounced visits and searches of his home at any time. Bettcher will report to a Becker County probation officer.

The spokeswoman also said that Danny was released to residential placement in Clay County after serving five years in prison for his last DUI related conviction. The latest DUI incident happened in Otter Tail County when he drove through a stop sign on his motorcycle with an alcohol level that was twice legally permitted. According to St. Cloud DUI attorneys closely following the case, Bettcher’s record in DUI dates back to 1980s and definitely holds the distinction of 27 DUI related convictions.

Tougher measures to curb DUI

Tougher measures may be on the anvil to curb DUI incidents throughout Minnesota. The Minnesota DWI Task Force is pushing lawmakers to consider seizing license plates of DUI offenders, including first time offenders and lowering the blood alcohol concentration level that is required to convict them.

The task force hopes that tougher penalties will encourage more DUI offenders to install ignition interlock devices. The driver would be forced to submit to a breath test before starting the vehicle, thanks to the breathalyzer-type devices installed on the dashboard.

According to St. Cloud DUI attorneys, studies indicate that offenders who install ignition interlock are less likely to become repeat offenders than those who only have their license suspended. Since the cost of these devices are high, with an initial cost of $100, and a monthly fee of up to $100, many drivers are not happy if they are imposed with this type of punishment but they do not have any choice in the matter.

The 29 member DWI task force that is made up of defense attorneys, prosecutors, law enforcement officials and other safe driving advocates aim to enable drivers to choose the interlock option over getting their license suspended, rather than making the device installation mandatory. In addition, many do not own cars and cannot afford the devices; therefore making the device installation mandatory would be impractical, according to Task Force Chair David Bernstein.


DUI offenders to face ban on alcohol consumption

In the wake of the recent demands for bills that ban cellphone use while driving, and a ban on wearing hoodies in public places, comes a new push for banning alcohol consumption by anyone convicted of drunken driving.

This bill has been introduced in Oklahoma legislature under Senate Bill 30, by state Sen. Patrick Anderson (R-District 19). The bill seeks to make it possible to label an individual convicted of DUI offense as “alcohol restricted” and can be ordered to abstain from alcohol for a duration that is to be determined by the judge.  The convicted person will be banned from being able to purchase alcohol. Any lapses on these restrictions would earn an appropriate punishment decided by the sentencing court.