Famous TV actress Mischa Barton gained instant popularity with the hit TV series ‘The O.C.’, ten years ago. However, in a span of few years she was in the media for all the wrong reasons as her partying habits went completely berserk. Today, after a month of facing a traumatic mental breakdown and being hauled away to the psychiatric ward of Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, Barton mustered the courage to speak to the media and give an interview.

Full of Herself

According to Barton, work hard and party harder was her mission way back in 2007. Soon after, she was arrested for drunken driving and was released later with the help of some DUI lawyers in Atlanta. When her parents objected to her willful ways, she threatened to commit suicide and landed in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after overdosing on a sedative.

Self Esteem Issues

As a result of this horrific episode, Misha decided to take it easy and center her focus on getting healthy. When she gained a bit of weight, the critics attacked her again for piling on the pounds. When she started out, she was bombarded for being too thin. When she gained weight, they said she is too bulky and disproportionate. All this added to huge disappointment in Barton’s life and led her towards depression. She should have just remained thin and healthy.

Nonetheless the troubles, today Misha is far focused and positive. She is acting in a new supernatural thriller ‘I Will Follow You into the Dark’ and is playing the role of an adorable school teacher in the new TV series ‘The Gutsy Frog’. Besides, she owns a boutique in London which showcases her favorite clothing styles, premium handbags, and a makeup collection.

Only so many Chances

Misha blames enormous pressure for her breakdown. Some of her friends, who are top DUI attorneys in Atlanta, stuck to her through the rough patch and guided her into the right direction. Misha has learned a lot from this terrifying episode in her life and it has made her stronger, she says. Well, if she does not get it together her place in the limelight will be taken from her by someone who may have their head more on straight.