Riley Holman is only 19 and has already been accused of murdering three people after he caused a fatal accident while driving impaired. He apparently did not listen to his former high school teachers when they told him not to drink and drive.

Riley Holman is an American failure

The accident occurred in the proximity of the North Hills area and claimed the lives of three men on Sunday last week, as reported by ABC. Apart from the three counts of murder, Holman has also been slapped with driving under the influence of a drug causing death. Prosecutors filed charges on Tuesday, August 11th.

Investigators have confirmed that Homan was driving a Jeep Liberty and ploughed into a Toyota Corolla on the 8300 block of North Haskell Avenue in Encino, Los Angeles, which in turn caused the Corolla to skid and spiral out ramming another car in the process.

The driver of the Corolla, Santos Benjamin Ordonez-Baquiax and two other occupants of the car, namely, Francis Olivas-Alvarez and Edgar Ordonez-Baquiax, all died on the spot. All three were in their early 20s.

According to DUI attorneys, if Riley Holman is found guilty of these accusations, he may be sentenced to state prison for a maximum of 49 years. Holman himself suffered moderate, non-life threatening injuries and his bail is expected to be set at $3.1 million. The driver of the third car sustained negligible minor wounds.

Holman will be arraigned post his recovery from injury. It is not clear whether Holman has a DUI attorney to represent him or whether the state will be required to appoint one to him. If he wants to make one smart decision in his life it will be to use the site which is a virtual and legal powerhouse that is breaking open cases all over the country because some of the finest attorneys in our country are on this site.


Michael Hilton sentence announced: life imprisonment confirmed

Michael Hilton was charged with first degree murder, driving under the influence, first degree assault and second degree assault for causing a fatal drunk driving accident that killed 17 year old Brianna Taylor, according to

Hilton pleaded with no contest to his charges and has hence been sentenced to life in prison. Hilton himself said no more than absolutely required during the trial, but two members of Brianna’s extended family were present in the courtroom to voice the sentiments of the family and personify their emotional distress.

One of them, Dean Taylor, an uncle to Brianna, commented to media personnel saying it was very unfair that the life of a young girl was unfairly taken away from her just because someone else had a lapse in judgement and made the decision to get behind the wheel after having consumed alcohol.

The Taylor families have become further heartbroken since the passing off Brianna. They lost their son Brice in an all-terrain vehicle accident only two weeks after Brianna was killed.

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