Justice delayed is still, justice served. It may have taken two years for the Mississippi courts to sentence a man accused of killing three for his DUI violation, but the 25 year prison term meted out to the offender has sent a strong message to all.

(Press Release) – October 30th, 2014 – Ravielle Rachaed Bolton, 30, of Leakesville, Mississippi, who was up for trial in a 2012 DUI Mississippi case which killed three, has pleaded guilty to two counts of DUI causing death. The news comes from the office of the District Attorney Tony Lawrence.

On the 16th of June, 2102, Bolton was driving his vehicle after a serious bout of drinking when he subsequently struck a SUV carrying four―Andre Rogers, Deondre’a Rogers, Jermaine Rogers, and Simone Patterson. Andre, Jermaine, and Simone were killed in the accident which occurred on Miss.63, just north of US 98 in George County.

According to the police reports, Bolton’s Honda Accord car rear ended the SUV on Highway 63 about a mile and a half north of the Highway 98 intersection. Simon Patterson was at the helm in the SUV and he lost control of his car after the collision, which made the SUV flip over. 16 year old Deondre’a Rogers was the only survivor of the horrible crash. Police reports verify that Bolton’s BAC was way over the legal limit of 0.8 at the incident.

Circuit Judge Robert Krebs sentenced Bolton to 25 years in prison on one count, with 20 years to serve and the remaining time to be spent under post-release supervision. On the second charge, Judge Krebs sentenced Bolton sentenced Bolton to another 25 years in prison with 5 years to serve and 20 years under post-release supervision. In all, Ravielle Bolton will serve 25 years behind prison for his decision to drive drunk that fatal July night two years ago.

Ravielle Rachaed Bolton made a terrible mistake. His wayward life has now pretty much ended his life too. Perhaps he did not have a life though before he chose to drive and drink like he did.

In addition to the prison term, Bolton also has to pay a total of $2,000 in fines, and a $250 assessment to the state Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund.

District attorney Tony Lawrence has come out in support of the verdict saying that while nothing can cure the pain that the family of the victims has endured, they still showed resolute compassion at the trial and were satisfied with the justice meted out to them. Lawrence said that Bolton’s case was just another example of the tragedy that innocent members of the community go through when someone makes the unforgivable decision to drive while impaired.

Because of Bolton’s action, a young man had to suffer the loss of his father and his two uncles. The blame for that lies completely on Bolton since he could have made the wiser decision to hire a cab or ask for a ride back home instead of deciding to take to the wheel himself.

The state of Mississippi has recently formed a DUI Task Force that aims at preventing awareness about drunken driving and to prevent instances like this from happening ever again.