Ocean Springs, MS- A Mississippi woman is facing serious charges after she caused a head-on collision that killed three people last week in the Pascagoula area.

The tragic collision took place on Wednesday, May 13th on Marshall Smith Road near the intersection of Barton-Agricola Road. According to the Sun-Herald, Kimberlie E. Dailey, 28, slammed into a vehicle carrying three people.

Two of the occupants, James Andrew Powell Jr., 44, and April Eugene Livingston, 36, were pronounced dead on the scene. Another passenger, Donna Faye Powell, 69, survived the initial crash, but later died at the hospital.

Few details about the arrest have been released or whether Dailey was drunk or on drugs. But GulfLive reports that she has a prior criminal history which includes an arrest for attempting to manufacture methamphetamines.

Mississippi law enforcement takes driving under the influence seriously, especially when an injury or fatal accident is involved, and anyone facing these charges can expect severe penalties if they are convicted. For this reason, it is imperative that anyone facing a DUI hires a lawyer to work on their DUI defense.

A person convicted of their first DUI in the state faces up to 48 hours in jail and fines of up to $1,000. They will also be required to surrender their driver’s license for up to 90 days. A second DUI doubles the jail time, fines and license suspension as well as require the driver to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle.

If extenuating circumstances exist in your case you face steeper penalties. They also face the possibility of being hit with a civil suit which can become very costly if the alleged intoxicated driver is convicted.

In addition to the criminal penalties, a DUI conviction can cost a person big for many years to come. A DUI conviction can leave a person with a mark on their record that future employers may find unappealing. A person can be denied a professional license or better job for their mistake.

Mississippi DUI laws don’t allow persons charged with a DUI to plead to a lesser charge of wet reckless, like other states, making it critical for an offender to have legal representation. With an effective defense, it is possible to avoid conviction altogether or argue for leniency in your sentencing.

The consequences of a DUI start immediately so if you are facing this charge you need to get legal help without delay. You may be required to surrender you license and put your job at risk if you commute by car or drive as part of your job. It may be possible to get a restricted license but that requires you act swiftly and enlist an Ocean Springs DUI attorney to start working on your behalf. They will listen to the details of your arrests and help you decide how to approach your defense