Concept of Drinking and Driving, beer and car keys

Clay County, MO- For most DWI offenders, losing their driver’s license is one of the more troublesome consequences of their charge. Without a driver’s license it can be difficult to get to and from work and do all the things daily life requires. Now some DWI offenders in Missouri can get relief from those woes after Governor Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed a law allowing them to get their license back earlier.

Under the new law, convicted DWI offenders can get their license back sooner if they agree to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle, but they must they do so for at least six months, the Associated Press reports.  

If a person registers a BAC above .08 of attempts to tamper with the device, they will be required to leave the devices in the vehicle for an additional six months. To get their full driving privileges restored, a person must not have any violations for at least three months.

There are pros and cons of ignition interlock devices. Being able to legally drive is one definite benefit. These devices also reduce DWI recidivism because it makes motorists think before they drive drunk in the future. If a person has a drinking problem, an ignition interlock device can help them combat their addiction.

On the other hand, ignition interlock devices can be costly. DWI offenders who must utilize these devices must pay for installation and monthly recalibration out of their own pockets. It may be cost some people simply cannot afford. Also, when a person with one these devices drinks and attempts to driver they could face additional fines and other consequences.

When you retain a DWI attorney in Missouri, they will explain the possible penalties you are facing and explain the legal options you have. Those options may be right for one person but they may not be appropriate for all DWI offenders. Say, for instance, a person wants to have an ignition interlock device in their car, but they have a serious drinking problem. Some DWI offenders are unrepentant and refuse to stop drinking and driving, so they may not be good candidates for ignition interlock device. If that is the case an experienced attorney can offer alternatives to an ignition interlock, like rehab. An attorney can help a person choose the best way to approach their DWI defense so that is catered to their individual needs and lifestyle.

A first DWI conviction in Missouri carries a penalty of up to six months in jail, fines and DWI-related costs in the thousands and they will lose their license for at least 30 days. That just scratches the surface much more is at stake including their job. Before you make any decisions about how your case should be handled, USAttorneys strongly recommends you contact a DWI attorney in Clay County. It’s to the fight a DWI charge and potentially minimize the numerous consequences it entails.