Los Angeles, CA- Tito Ortiz a popular fighter for the MMA and former UFC winner was arrested early Monday morning after taking his luxury sports car for a joy ride on Interstate 405, according to a press release from the California Highway Patrol.

Ortiz, whose real name is Jacob Christopher Ortiz, was busted and arrested for suspicion of DUI around 3:50 a.m. Monday morning after he crashed his Porsche Panamera on the San Diego freeway.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Ortiz who had two passengers was traveling along the freeway when for some reason he lost control of his sports car and crashed it into the center median of the highway just west of Los Angeles.

“California Highway Patrol officers responded to the area and located Ortiz and his 2012 Porsche Panamera on Sepulveda Boulevard south of Santa Monica Boulevard,” the California Highway Patrol said in their press release, as reported by KTLA. “There were two passengers in his vehicle at the time of the collision. His vehicle sustained moderate right front and right rear damage and there were no injuries as a result of the collision.”

After responding to the accident, police suspected that Ortiz was intoxicated and placed him under arrests for suspicion of misdemeanor driving under the influence. Police did not release any other details about his arrest only that he was taken to

If Ortiz can afford a Porsche, he can afford an outstanding DUI attorney, which he’ll need to build an effective defense. Fortunately, this appears to be Ortiz’s first DUI arrests so his attorney will likely be able to negotiate a plea bargain which will help him avoid harsh penalties.

What he won’t be able to avoid is the cost of a DUI. On average in California a DUI can cost a first offender close to $10,000.

In most states, California included, the driver’s car has to be towed and impounded, and then the offender must make bail. The average bail amount for a DUI is $10,000; most bail bonds require the offender pay 10 percent, which means the offender will already be out of $1,000.

But that is just the beginning; the accused must then pay attorney fees. Some people try to save money by foolishly thinking they don’t need legal representation, this is a huge mistake that can haunt the alleged DUI offender for years.

Not only can the offender face up to six months in jail if convicted, but they also face the possibility of losing their driver’s license for 6 months to a year along with being required to attend an alcohol education program. If convicted, the offender will be ordered to pay $2,000 or more in fines and penalties and they can also expect their insurance premiums to skyrocket.

Additionally, a DUI will stay on the offender’s record for years if they are unable to avoid conviction. This can have a negative impact of a person’s life affecting their future job prospects and college admissions among other things.