A woman from Ogema, Minnesota killed her boyfriend after dragging him by the neck down her driveway with a strap tethered to her SUV. The man suffered multiple injuries to which he finally succumbed. The defendant charged with homicide has pleaded guilty at the Becker County District Court, upon her DUI attorney’s advice. Her sentencing is scheduled for March 16th.

Jessica Marie Kilde, the 33 year old woman has pled guilty to second degree intentional murder of her 41 year old boyfriend Richard Alan Baity, after he was found lying dead about 160 feet from her driveway about 3:30 pm last August.

Earlier, Kilde claimed that Baity was standing on the deck when she drove away in her car, but later retracted her statement and alleged that she had no recollection of what took place that day as she, Baity and another person, whose name was not revealed, were drinking and smoking methamphetamine. Kilde told investigators that she got into an argument with Baity although the third person did not notice any animosity between the couple.

Details of the police findings

According to police records, Baity had marks on his neck possibly made by a strap, a part of which was found on the road nearby. The other end of the strap was found dragging from the Sport Trac that Kilde drove. Drag marks were traced right from the driveway onto 370th Street, which indicated that the victim had been dragged all along the route.

A noble citizen

The autopsy report stated that Baity’s death was a homicide resulting from multiple traumatic injuries. Kilde has a history of 12 prior arrests and of failing to make appearances in court. Charges include felony vehicle theft in Aitkin County, forging checks, trespassing, domestic assault, DWI, misbehavior, speeding, falsified crime reports, and alcohol consumption as a minor. And Baity still chose to hang out with her.

According to St. Cloud MN DUI attorneys closely watching the case, sentencing is likely to be based on various factors and evidence produced. Kilde needs to go away now forever.

She is being jointly prosecuted by the Becker County Prosecutor and the Asst. Minnesota attorney General Robert Plesha. Her case is being investigated by several Becker County law enforcement bodies.

Court sides with Duluth man wanting to seek damages

In July of 2011, then 19 year old Stephen Ballard was injured in a crash when Robert Chesser drove his Dodge Intrepid into the victim’s Volkswagen Golf. Ballard suffered a broken right ankle and wrist and head injuries. Chesser was driving with a BAC of 0.22 percent and later pleaded guilty of criminal vehicular operation on the advice of his DUI attorney.

Ballard sued Professional Golf Management Inc. alleging that Chesser was over served at the bar run at the clubhouse of the golf course. The club maintained that the claim was not viable since the plaintiff had already received money from Chesser’s insurance company amounting to $50,000. A district judge dismissed the lawsuit.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals has overturned the district court’s ruling and has sent it back to the lower courts. The three judge panel explained their ruling, stating that while Ballard may have released Chesser from future claims it does not prevent him from seeking damages from Professional Golf Management Inc. So now waiters are supposed to be alcohol parents now?