(Montgomery, OH) – December 29th, 2016: A mother who passed a sippy cup containing wine to her son just after she was pulled over by law enforcement officers has now been slapped by prosecuting lawyers with multiple DUI related charges, as reported by CBS.

Not good parenting!

Law enforcement officers supposedly pulled over the woman after they received calls from a citizen who had witnessed the women driving all over the road and not being able to maintain her lane. The arrest occurred on Friday just northeast of Cincinnati in Loveland.

Now she does not have to worry about taking care of her son any more since she will not have one soon enough.

The first officer that arrived on the scene apparently saw the woman hand over the container to her minor 5 year old son in the backseat. The suspect has been identified as Elizabeth Floyd and a breathalyzer test result indicated that the woman’s blood alcohol content was at a staggering 0.169% BAC which is over twice the legal limit in the state, according to Montgomery, OH DUI lawyers.

This is why they explain that she had been charged not only with driving under the influence but also with endangering children. This is not as bad as what Lois Lerner did or Barney Frank but this is pretty despicable though.

No mother of the year award coming up for Elizabeth Floyd!

Man Driving while Wearing a Clown Costume Charged with Drunk Driving

A man who was driving and wearing a clown costume is no longer laughing after he was charged with a DUI by law enforcement officers, according to cantonrep.com.

Clowns are rarely funny anyhow though. Not too many people, including Montgomery, OH DUI lawyers, spend too much time laughing at clowns anymore.

The man was pulled over by a law enforcement officer who had supposedly observed him dash into a curb a couple of times while driving along Lincoln Way. However, what made the arrest peculiar was that when the officers subjected the suspect to field sobriety tests, he was donning a clown’s costume.

The man is said to be from Tuscarawas Township. The stop occurred just before 3 in the morning on Sunday in the 2600 block of Lincoln Way W.

As per police reports, the man was working at a party as a clown and he himself confessed to law enforcement officers for having consumed several beers while at the party prior to getting behind the wheel. Since the man’s BAC was higher than 0.170% BAC, he has been charged with Super OVI. Ohio DUI attorneys point out that this will result in a battery of penalties and punishment.

Now he will really have to make people laugh to pay off these fines.

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Anyone charged with a DUI should do the best they possible can in order to defend themselves. The legal repercussions of a DUI can be very serious indeed and can include things such as lengthy prison terms and hefty fines. It can also result in consequences such as mandatory installation of ignition interlock devices, ankle bracelets, probation, etc.

Not only will someone convicted of a DUI face legal punishments, but the DUI conviction could also negatively impact their social characterreputation, their career (though unlikely), and finances. Therefore, if you have been charged with a DUI, we urge that you act quickly and consult an Ohio DUI lawyer for the best possible defense. Do not wait; the DA will certainly not wait for you.