If you have been charged with a DUI, we understand that you may be experiencing shock and fear. These charges are quite serious and have the potential to disturb your entire life. But if you want to come out of the trial process on the other end, we highly recommend reaching out to a seasoned and compassionate DUI attorney in California who will be able to represent you with the vigorousness and expertise you need and deserve in this especially difficult time.

Everything You Need to Know About DUIs

According to American Addiction Centers, “[o]perating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol may be termed with different designations under different circumstances or in different states or jurisdictions, including DUI (driving under the influence), OUI (operating under the influence), or even DWI (driving while intoxicated).” That being said, “[a]nyone who is operating a motorized vehicle or a vehicle with any type of drive train can get a DUI-type offense. This includes the use of motorized watercraft, lawnmowers, mopeds, and even non-motorized bicycles.” But just as the terminology used in the state to define the action of driving under the influence can change, so can the consequences you face as a result of engaging in the act.

Arrested for Driving While Intoxicated? Here’s What to Expect

Per the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles, “The police officer is required by law to immediately forward a copy of the completed notice of suspension or revocation form along with any driver license taken into possession with a sworn report to DMV.” Once the DMV completes an administrate review, and thoroughly examines the officer’s report, along with any emitted order, and tests “[y]ou [will] have the right to request a hearing from the DMV within 10 days of receipt of the suspension or revocation order. If the review shows there is no basis for the suspension or revocation, the action will be set aside.”

Being charged with a DUI is serious business and can prompt serious penalties. Depending on the determination made by the judge during the trial, you could end up spending time in jail, have to complete community service hours, or an alcohol treatment program. Whether or not you have an attorney who understands the ins and outs of the court and knows how to best proceed given your unique case can potentially determine your chances of success in the case. This is why you want to take the process of searching for an attorney seriously. If you have recently been charged with a first-time, second-time or even third-time offense and you need the representation of an experienced and diligent DUI attorney in San Francisco, California who will manage your case with the appropriateness and timeliness you deserve, please feel free to look through our attorney database.

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