Were You Charged With A DWI In Nevada?

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Anyone who is found drinking and driving in Nevada with a blood alcohol level (BAC) of .08 percent or higher will be charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI). A DUI in Nevada is a serious offense, punishable by having one’s license suspended, being ordered to enter an alcohol or drug treatment program or even going to jail. It is even easier to get charged with DUI if the driver is a minor (under age 21) or if the driver is a commercial vehicle operator. For minors in Nevada, a DUI can be issued if the driver has a .02 BAC level and for commercial vehicle drivers, it is illegal to drive with ANY detectable alcohol in the blood. This differs from other states, where the BAC level minimum for commercial drivers is .04 percent.

The laws for DUI in Nevada also extend to drug use. Any traceable amount of illicit drug consumed by the driver can lead to a DUI conviction. As long as a person is considered unsafe to be driving, a DUI charge may be issued. Drug-related DUI charges may be prosecuted as misdemeanors, however, the state of Nevada specifies that the possession of any controlled substance (marijuana, cocaine, barbiturates, etc.) constitutes a felony charge.

Nevada has a “washout” period of 7 years. This means that penalties for repeat offenders will be influenced by whether a motorist has incurred a previous DUI conviction in the past 7 years. Penalties for repeat offenders are stricter than for first-time DUI convictions.

Implied Consent Laws

In Nevada, like other states, implied consent rules apply to all drivers with a state license. When a motorist is suspected of DUI, they must automatically comply with the officer and submit to a chemical test to determine blood or drug concentration. Any motorist that refuses to do so may have the officer use reasonable force to obtain a breath, blood or urine sample. Motorists may incur just as great a penalty for refusing testing as they would if they were found guilty of DUI after taking a test.

Punishment for DUI in Nevada

Any motorist who is convicted of DUI in Nevada is subject to being penalized by one or more of the following punishments:

1st DUI Conviction

• Imprisonment from 2 days to 6 months
• Fine from $400 to $1,000
• Driver’s license suspended for 90 days
• Restricted license may be issued after 50% of license suspension is served
• May require ignition interlock device
• May be allowed to perform community service (96 hours) in lieu of jail time
• May have to enroll in DUI school
• May have to enroll in DUI treatment program

2nd DUI Conviction (If within 7 years of prior DUI)

• Imprisonment from 10 days to 6 months
• Fine from $750 to $1,000
• Driver’s license suspended for 1 year (no restricted license)
• Community service from 100 to 200 hours
• May have vehicle registration suspended
• May be ordered to enter supervised DUI treatment program for 1 year

3rd DUI Conviction

• Imprisonment from 1 to 6 years
• Fine from $2,000 to $5,000
• Driver’s license suspended for 3 years
• Restricted license may be issued with ignition interlock device
• May have to enroll in DUI treatment program for 3 years

Aggravated DUI Charges in Nevada

Aggravated DUI charges are incurred when a motorist who is intoxicated causes the bodily harm or death of another individual. This is an automatic felony charge, even on first offense DUIs. If a motorist is convicted of aggravated DUI, the must serve a MINIMUM of 2 years in prison up to 20 years and must pay a fine of minimum $2,000 up to $5,000.

Working with a Nevada DUI Lawyer

In Nevada, you are allowed to contest your DUI charges. If you have been accused of driving under the influence, seek the help of an elite Nevada DUI lawyer right away to fight your charges in court. Your DUI attorney will work day and night to prove your innocence and have your penalties either significantly reduced or completely wiped out.

Trust your Nevada DUI attorney to work diligently on your case. Your paralegal will investigate the incident and speak to police and witnesses to uncover what really happened during the incident. If they determine that you were unfairly charged with DUI whether it was because an officer used a faulty breath test or arrested you under insufficient suspicion of DUI, you can rest assured that your charges will be dropped. Your DUI lawyer will see to it that your case ends with the best possible outcome no matter what.

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