KOAA News 5 reports that a new DUI law will go into effect in Colorado this month in order to gain more insight into DUI arrests.

While in years past Colorado grouped all of the different types of DUI offenses into one group category, lawmakers are calling for more specific numbers. By doing this, they will be able to see if DUI charges for alcohol or for drug use is the main culprit when it comes to under the influence arrests.

One of the main reasons the change was brought about is due to the rising number of fatal car accidents in Colorado. Despite many of these deaths being alcohol and drug related, the logistics of what the actual culprit was is still unknown. As a result, the state legislator will be able to better work to stop drivers from driving under the influence once they know what substance is causing the most damage.

By March 2018, House Bill 1315 will present a report to the general assembly. What makes this report different is that it will not only show the total number of DUI charges and convictions in Colorado, but it will also show the isolated totals for DUI charges for alcohol, drugs, and marijuana use.

One organization committed to improving traffic safety in Colorado, DriveSmart Colorado, creates campaigns geared towards cutting down on the number of car accident-related injuries and deaths. According to Maile Gray, Executive Director of the group, it will be that much easier to target specific problems by analyzing citations, crashes, and fatalities. She states that it will allow Colorado officials to focus on the exact problem instead of just taking a shot in the dark.

While Gray believes in order to get the best results you need to analyze statistics from a five-year time period or more, she also recognizes that this will take the steps necessary to get a plan in motion.

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One of the main catalysts for the shift in how the state of Colorado approaches DUI laws is due to the troubling DUI statistics throughout the past couple of years. According to the Colorado State Patrol Department of Public Safety, some numbers for 2016 include:

  • The total number of DUI fatal and injury crashes was 264.
  • 1,544 “Proactive DUI” citations were issued.
  • The total number of “Reactive DUI” citations written was 766.

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