It’s 2018 and its time for a change. While you may be working toward getting in shape or cutting back on an unhealthy habit, those living in the state of Pennsylvania are being faced with some new changes in DUI laws. And if you were recently arrested for driving while under the influence this new year, you may want to listen up. If you are a first time DUI offender who had a blood-alcohol content level of .10 or higher, the new law that has taken effect gives you the option of paying to have an ignition interlock system installed in your vehicle and be able to still drive on a restricted license. The law that was enforced prior to this year took away your driving privileges for a year and the device was only available to repeat DUI offenders.

The purpose of an ignition interlock device is to monitor a driver throughout the duration of their travels to ensure they aren’t driving while intoxicated. Before the vehicle starts, the driver would be required to blow into a breathalyzer which would then measure their blood-alcohol content level. If no alcohol is detected, they could then start their vehicle and drive off. The driver would also be required to blow into the breathalyzer at random times just as a precaution so that they aren’t tempted to drive somewhere, grab a quick drink, and resume driving.

But, wait there’s more.

Penn Live highlighted that the device would remain in your vehicle for at least a year and you would incur costs to not only have it in installed but also to maintain it. These fees are in addition to the fines you would be required to pay for the DUI charge itself. The news source estimates that the monthly cost to maintain the system is $100 and it must be installed by a PennDOT-approved mechanic.

This change in the DUI law is geared toward helping “strengthen public protections while giving offenders a chance to keep their post-arrest lives intact.”

Do you know what penalties you are up against as a DUI offender in Franklin, PA? Are you aware of the options you have?

Aside from the new DUI laws that have taken effect, there are options that are available that can help you get around having to serve time in jail or a lengthy probation sentence depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. To learn more about what penalties apply to you and the options you might have, it is best to discuss this with a knowledgeable Franklin, PA DUI defense attorney.

If you haven’t hired one yet, don’t hesitate to contact today. Many individuals fail to obtain legal aid and are often faced with harsh penalties that could have potentially been reduced had they been represented by a DUI attorney.