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Elizabeth, NJ – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently signed a law for harsher punishment for DUI drivers.

DUI lawyers in New Jersey certainly have a lot more work ahead of them; U.S. News & World Report shares that Christie recently signed off on a DUI law that mandates that anyone who is convicted of killing someone while driving drunk will have to serve a minimum of three years in prison.

According to the press, this New Jersey law creates a new crime for those who are responsible for anyone’s death as a result of operating a boat or car while intoxicated. One of the main reasons for the new law is because of how many people were let off the hook in recent years. Specifically, if a crime was not considered a first or second degree offense, they often received lesser sentences.

The new DUI law, Bill S-2423, is also called “Ralph and David’s Law for David Heim and Ralph Politi Jr.” It is named after a drunk driver who only had to serve 30 days in jail after killing a 13-year-old boy, David Heim. The driver responsible for Heim’s death also did not have to face charges for vehicular homicide or aggravated manslaughter.

The New Jersey Herald reports that the law is not only for Heim, but also in honor of all the innocent victims who have lost their lives to drunk drivers.

One of the bill’s main sponsors, New Jersey’s Senator Steven Oroho, says that the main reason for harsher penalties is to deter more people from deciding to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. He further explains that this bill establishes a new crime and assigns liability to those who commit vehicular homicide while driving drunk.

The new DUI law in New Jersey will carry sentence of three to five years, with possibility of also having to pay a fine of up to $15,000. The most drastic part of the new DUI law is the fact that first-time offenders will not have any special consideration taken in court, and will face the same punishment as repeat offenders.

Oroho further elaborates that anyone who has lost a child to a drunk driver are entitled to an aggressive and immediate course of action for the New Jersey court system. He states that his bill updates the vehicular homicide laws, and makes sure that those who are responsible for a fatal DUI accident in Elizabeth are held accountable.

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