East Rutherford, NJ- It’s time for the Super Bowl and hundreds of thousands of people will descend upon East Rutherford, New Jersey to watch the big game at Met Life Stadium.  As the legendary commercials would indicate, beer and football go very well together. Drinking and driving however do not go well together, and New Jersey police will be out in force to catch intoxicated drivers.

“Sobriety Blitz” is the DWI enforcement program developed by the Division of Highway Safety to catch drivers who have too much to drink. There will be an increase of DWI patrols within a 25 radius of  the stadium. And between Monday, Jan. 27 and Tuesday Feb. 4 police will set up sobriety checkpoints in Clifton, Elmwood Park, Fort Lee, Garfield, Lyndhurst, Passaic, and Rutherford among several other municipalities, according to NorthJersey.com.

During Super Bowl weekend, law enforcement agencies across the county arrest as many drunken drivers as they do during major holidays. That may seem unbelievable, but it’s true. According to State Attorney General John J. Hoffman, said as many as 1,600 people were arrested last year around the big game, and he expects that number to double since New Jersey is hosting the Super Bowl.

“High-visibility campaigns like this one have a proven track record in New Jersey,” Hoffman said, according to North Jersey.com. “My message to all those who will attend a Super Bowl party is simply this: Make sure you have a game plan, such as assigning a designated driver before the party begins. Under no circumstances should you drink and drive, even if you have only one drink. It’s not a risk worth taking…”

While the majority of Super Bowl Attendees will have to take public transportation or cabs due to the stadiums limited parking, there will be thousands of other people attending festivities in areas not easily reached without a car. And there will be plenty of alcohol served at these parties. Police suggest you designate a driver or be prepared to take a cab if you get too drunk and don’t have access to the rail or bus lines. If you don’t take their advice then you could be charged with a DWI and will likely spend the night in jail.

A DWI in New Jersey will cost you a $300 to $500 fine, loss or driver’s license for 7 months to a year. You could also be forced to install an ignition interlock device in your car for up to a year.  A DWI will also show up on your record and will continue to affect you long after your conviction.

Even knowing that police will be everywhere, there will be those individuals who insist on driving regardless of how drunk they are. And if they get caught, it is essential they retain a New Jersey DWI attorney to help them fight the traffic ticket. Don’t fool yourself into thinking a DWI is no big deal.