Newark, NJ- The New Jersey police officer who was allegedly drunk when he caused wrong-way crash that killed a fellow police officer and a friend will likely plead not guilty to vehicular homicide and vehicular manslaughter charges his lawyer told reporters.

In March, 27-year-old Pedro Abad Jr. and three off his friends were headed home to New Jersey after a night of drinking in Staten Island when Abad entered the West Shore Expressway going the wrong-way. Shortly down the road, Abad struck a tractor-trailer head-on, killing two men in the car and seriously injuring himself and a fellow officer.

During the course of their investigation into the accident, police learned that Abad’s blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit when the crash occurred. But, surprisingly, six months after the deadly accident, Abad Jr. hasn’t been charged but it is likely he will face vehicular homicide or manslaughter charges along with DWI charges. His attorney says that Abad is charged he will plead not guilty, according to the Miami Herald.

What makes Abad’s case even more disturbing is the fact that he had been charged with DWI two times prior to this deadly collision, one of which involved a minor crash. One can’t help but think that this deadly collision could have been prevented if he had not been coddled by his employers. Staten Island Live reports that in addition to his two prior DWI charges, Abad has been involved in 8 car collisions in the past decade. There is a time for leniency in DWI cases, but some drivers must be taken off the road for the safety of others as Abad’s case clearly demonstrates.

A person charged with a basic DWI will face a number of consequences that can have big impact on various aspects of their life. Their job could be directly and immediately impacted by a DWI charge, especially if their job involves driving. In New Jersey, like most states a person charged with a DWI will have their driver’s license suspended immediately, making it difficult to get back and forth to work.

One DWI is bad, but a third is much, much worse. Just because DWIs are fairly common, one should not get the impression that a first, second or third DWI is no minor thing. The consequences of a DWI charge in New Jersey are immediate, so anyone facing these charges should speak with a DWI lawyer in New Jersey to help them with their case.

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