A questionable lawsuit has recently been filed in Trenton, NJ regarding a “law that forbids engineers from operating trains if they had their motor vehicle driver’s license revoked or suspended for drunken driving,” according to app.com. When a person has been charged with DUI, naturally, we wouldn’t want them getting behind the wheel again and should appreciate every effort in in doing so. Apparently, two national railroad unions feel otherwise as they are responsible for filing this lawsuit against this current DUI law, S20.

The unions felt that their current law is enough to reprimand those charged with DUI and feel the S20 law isn’t necessary.

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Now, to better understand why these unions are filing this lawsuit, let’s dig a little deeper into the S20 bill and how it came about. Apparently, a NJ transit engineer was still permitted to operate a train even while having his license suspended for 10 years after being convicted for DWI. The state lawmakers felt this was a loophole around the current DUI laws as he wasn’t able to operate a vehicle but he was able to operate the train. The S20 law soon came into effect and unions aren’t happy.

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen along with Sheet Metal, Air, and Rail and Transportation Workers-Transportation Division filed the complaint stating that “federal railroad laws already cover such circumstances and the state law is unnecessary.” Is it though? According to the lawmakers, they had to enforce such a law seeing that an engineer who was stripped of his rights to drive an automobile was still able to transport thousands and thousands of people by train. To further prevent this from happening again, S20 was created and is now in full effect. Although the law does state that anyone who had been convicted of DUI is barred from operating a train, it is only throughout the course of their suspended license period.

While it only makes sense that an individual who has a suspended or revoked license is forbidden get behind the wheel of any sort of vehicle, the unions aren’t content with the outcome and want this law removed from the books.

DUI convictions are serious matters and although drivers who have found themselves facing these charges must take on the consequences that come with the offense, it is important that their individual rights are upheld. For anyone who may be struggling with a DUI charge in New Jersey, remember, consulting with a Trenton DUI lawyer is your best bet. To ensure your case is handled fairly, let a featured lawyer on USAttorneys.com represent you.