Mountainside, NJ- Statistics show that at least 50 percent of people who have been charged with their first DWI will be charged with another. Typically, a second DWI arrest happens months or years after the first. Not so for one New Jersey teen who was charged for drunken driving twice in the span of ten hours.

On August 12th, a 19-year-old man was driving in Toms River around 10 p.m. when he struck a utility pole. Police suspected he was under the influence of drugs and placed him under arrest.

The teen was held for several hours and then released, but it take him long to get into trouble again. CBS reports that just 10 hours after his first arrest, as the teen was driving in heavy traffic created by the accident he caused the night before, he rear-ended another motorist and attempted to flee the scene. He was unsuccessful. For one, the traffic was too heavy for him to get away quickly. And, secondly, because a traffic officer who investigated his previous accident recognized him. He was soon apprehended and arrested again just a mere 10 hours after his first arrest.

The teen has been charged with two counts of operating under the influence of a controlled substance along with several traffic violations.

Police also charged the teen’s mother with allowing her so to drive while impaired.

One DWI is bad, a second DWI is far worse. The commonality of DWIs should not give a person the impression that this is a minor charge. A DWI suspect will immediately lose their driver’s license. In New Jersey, a DWI conviction, whether a first or a subsequent one, can lead to a jail term and high-dollar fines. The convicted individual will also be ordered to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle at their own expense.

An effective DWI defense depends on an effective examination of the facts of the case and a strategy that challenges the evidence presented against the accused. From the time they are arrested and until their case is concluded, a DWI suspect needs a DWI lawyer in New Jersey working on their case. Enlisting an attorney right away will give an individual the opportunity to negate some of the immediate penalties of a DWI charge. It also gives a lawyer the time they need to work on their client’s defense.

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