Drunken driving is a unique problem in the sense that the perpetrator maybe just a regular citizen who made a bad decision or a chronic alcoholic that is perpetually drunk (even while driving). It seems like law enforcement officers in New Jersey have arrested a woman who belongs to the latter category, as reported by nj.com.

Kelli D. Hennessey should stay home and read a book – she made the wrong decision again!

Even first and second time offenders are hit with penalties that are rather serious in nature but there are still avenues of a sound defense than the striking DUI lawyers on USAttorneys.com can employ. Moreover, they are made to pay hefty fines and maybe even asked to serve prison terms. For most people, this rude awakening is enough to ensure that they never drink and drive again, but then there are people with a deeply ingrained problem, a disease, which is going to take a lot more than a fine and a few months in prison to get rid of.

31 year old Kelli D. Hennessey of Franklin Township may be one such person. She has been convicted not once, not twice but three times for drunken driving and somehow still decided to drive drunk and got arrested for the fourth time in November of 2011. She was convicted of her charges only earlier this week.

Alleged drunken driver arrested after collision with patrol car

A 50 year old man from Seaside Heights has been apprehended for driving under the influence after he crashed into a police officer’s patrol car. According to the arresting officer’s report, the officer was parked assisting with a traffic stop when 50 year old Shannon Cox’s car ploughed into his patrol vehicle and injured the officer, identified as Patrolman Jeff Person of Brick Township Police Department, according to Patch.com.

Person was transported to Ocean Medical Centre and was treated and discharged for non-life threatening injuries and is said to be in stable condition currently.

The incident occurred on Lake Shore Drive, Person and another officer were parked dealing with a routine traffic stop when Person’s patrol car was struck from the back by Cox’s vehicle, which then carried on waywardly in the wrong way of a one way lane. Other officers pursued the car and were able to pull it over on Lake Shore Drive before it caused any other incidents.


Cox faces multiple charges including driving under the influence, assault by vehicle, and failure to stop after an accident causing personal injury. It is not clear whether he has a DUI attorney or will need to be appointed one by the state. There are some impressive Seaside Heights NJ DUI attorneys available though and one of them can be found right here.

DUI legislation – New Jersey

For those of you that have been arrested and charged with a DUI, you need to realize that it is very much possible to beat your DUI case, all you need is an experienced New Jersey DUI attorney.

Often times, people are unfairly charged with a DUI, which may happen due to faulty testing equipment or improperly trained and inexperienced arresting officers.

The bottom line is that there are plenty of ways to conclusively disprove a DUI charge. Therefore, it is recommended that you appoint yourself a stellar Seaside Heights NJ DUI attorney who can be found right here www.hpslawyers.com and get started preparing your defense instead of sitting around and becoming easy jailbait.