48-year old Carol L. Nasta has been charged with a DUI among other offenses. Allegedly, Nasta had left the scene of the crash but was apprehended later while driving a clearly disabled vehicle down Mountain Road.

According to the Pohatcong Township Police Report, Nasta’s person smelled of intoxicants, her speech was slurred, and her eyes were glassy. These classic visual cues raised suspicion in the arresting officer who wasted no time in subjecting the woman to a field sobriety test. Nasta failed the test and was consequently arrested.

Upon further investigation, investigators were able to determine that her car was involved in a single car crash and had left a trail of oil stains all the way from the crash site to the location of her arrest.

New Jersey municipal council member apologizes for drunken driving car crash

Khemraj Ramchal, popularly known as Chico, has issued a public apology following his arrest for an alleged DUI. The City councilman was involved in a three car accident. Reportedly, he was driving a city car with the flashing emergency lights turned on.

Ramchal issued an official statement in which he apologized and admitted to the crime. He said he was sorry and that he regretted the incident. Ramchal’s statement also expressed that he would willingly undergo any counseling and would ensure to never allow something like this to occur again.

Witnesses and the drivers of the other two cars that were involved in the crash all testified saying they saw Ramchal’s Ford Explorer run a red light while flashing its emergency lights and later hit another vehicle.

The arresting officer subjected Ramchal to a field sobriety test, which Ramchal failed. His blood alcohol content was registered by a breathalyzer test to be 0.15 percent, almost double the legal limit of 0.8 according to Camden NJ DUI attorneys and some of the best ones can be found on this site: USAttorneys.com.

David Cassidy’s DUI sentencing to be done without the actor having to appear in court

David Cassidy had pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated back in September last year. The actor was stopped and arrested in upstate New York. As a result of a plea bargain, his sentence was reduced to only 50 hours of community service in the state of Florida.

This is certainly not the first time his sentencing has been postponed since the actor has made it known that he wants to avoid personally appearing in court. His DUI attorney commented saying a deal is being worked out to conduct the sentencing by mail. How many chances is he going to get?

Linden Police Officer involved in DUI crash killing two people had 2 previous DUI arrests

On March 20th, in Staten Island, Officer Pedro Abad’s Honda Civic was involved in a car crash that killed two people. Upon further digging by investigators, it was revealed that Abad had a history of accidents and DUI arrests.


A serious error!

Allegedly, Abad was arrested for two DUI’s in the past but somehow never convicted for either one. Seemingly, state prosecutors were never notified of the crimes and he was never prosecuted. According to the law, when an officer is involved in a DUI or other alleged crimes, the on-duty supervisor needs to be notified immediately.

Camden NJ DUI attorneys say that then becomes the supervisor’s responsibility to bring it to the attention of state prosecutors who will then file a lawsuit against the accused. An investigation has been launched to find out how or why this procedure failed. This is no different than the IRS or the VA, incompetency. Actually, the IRS and the VA are much worse.