Sante Fe, NM- If you’ve been out drinking and you’re not sure if you’re safe to drive, you no longer have to try and guess. No more trying to calculate your BAC in your head if you are a more conscientious drinker, now that the New Mexico Department of Transportation has launched a new app aimed at curbing drunken driving.

The app, ENDWI, which is pronounced “End DWI,” allows users to calculate their level of intoxication before they get behind the wheel. The user enters their sex, height, weight, and how many drinks they’ve had and the app tells them whether they are safe to drive or if they need to catch a ride.

New Mexico along with several other states which include New York, Maryland, Colorado and California launched similar apps previously. New Mexico’s app launched on September 25th, and as of today has been downloaded 5,000 times. The initial launch was a bit bumpy, but DOT has been working to improve the app.

Per the NM DOT, the ENDWI app developed for New Mexico allows users to:

  • Create a designated driver list of family members and friends who can be contacted quickly in the event that someone has had too much to drink.
  • Instantly locate the nearest cab company and it without having to search for a phone number.
  • Report someone who is driving erratically by using the one-touch #DWI reporting feature.
  • Explore a person’s reaction time and other response functions through two application games.
  • Use the app as an electronic blood alcohol content (BAC) guide, where the number and type of drinks a person has consumed is entered into the app and an estimated BAC is provided.

“This new smartphone application is just one more tool that we can all use to report DWI, increase our awareness of the intoxicating effect of alcohol and help those around us find a safe ride home,” said Governor Martinez in a DOT press release.

Drivers might want to download the app, which is available on iOS and Android, before they head out to that holiday party or family gathering for the Christmas or New Year’s Eve since drunk driving accidents spike during these major holidays. No one wants to spend the holidays in jail or the hospital so if you’ve been drinking find out if you’re okay to drive before you get into serious trouble.

Our Sante Fe DWI knows all too well that despite the apps for the tech savvy and public service campaigns, many people will drive when they’ve had too many drinks. Alcohol doesn’t exactly give people the skill to think clearly about what they are doing.

If you make a mistake and drive while intoxicated you’ll be better off in the long run if you contact a New Mexico DWI attorney. They will inform you of the best way to approach your case and could help you avoid a conviction. Or, at least minimize some of the more dire consequences of a DWI charge.