DWI lawyer in Missouri discusses new drunk driving and boating laws to take effect January

St. Louis, MO- If you are arrested for DWI or BWI in Missouri after January 1st, you could be facing tougher penalties after a new law passed earlier this year. In this article, USAttorneys’ legal team will discuss the new laws.

Changes to BWI laws

Under House Bill 2332, a boat captain can be considered an “aggravated boating offender” with just one BWI conviction if someone was injured or killed. Additionally, a person convicted of an aggravated boating conviction can be sentenced up to two years in jail.

Redefines “persistent offender.”

The new law also redefines what a “persistent offender” is and made penalties tougher. As of January, a DWI offender can be labeled a persistent offender if they cause an accident involving injury or death. “Persistent DWI offenders face up to two years in jail.

If you are labeled an aggravated boating offender or a persistent offender, you need to speak with a DWI lawyer in St. Louis to discuss your defense. You could be incarcerated, face high fines and will be left with the charge on your record for at least five years if you are convicted.

What are the consequences of DWI in St. Louis?

In Missouri, you can be charged with a DWI if your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent or above and you face numerous consequences. A conviction for your first DWI that doesn’t involve an injury or death carries a jail penalty of up to six months and license suspense of at least thirty days. You will also have to pay fines up to $1,000 and could be ordered to install an ignition interlock device in your auto.

If you are charged with a DWI in St. Louis, USAttorneys recommends you consult with an attorney as soon as you are able. You have many critical decisions to make, and you shouldn’t make them without being fully informed about what your charges entail and what consequences you could face if you have the misfortune of being convicted. Let USAttorneys help you locate a DWI attorney near you in St. Louis to evaluate your case and help you make wise decisions about your case.

You will benefit from having a DWI defense attorney on your side. They can help with your defense and do whatever they can to help you avoid conviction.  We recommend you meet with a defense lawyer after your arrest, there is more on the line than you realize, so you need help fighting a DWI conviction.