If you have been keeping up with current news in the state of New Jersey, you may have heard about a recent criminal case involving a NJ State Police sergeant who allegedly tampered with alcohol breath-testing devices. As of right now, there are approximately 20,000 DWI cases up in the air seeing that the breathalyzer test conducted on them could have provided a false reading. And many of those who may have been charged or convicted of DUI could be seeing a brighter light once a verdict has been reached.

As you know, being charged with DUI will indefinitely have a dramatic effect on your life. While some individuals have their driving privileges revoked, others are placed behind bars. If you or someone you know is fighting a DUI charge in Camden and needs reliable legal aid, contact USAttorneys.com and get the help you need from a New Jersey DUI lawyer.

Many of the DWI cases in NJ may be thrown out if the courts find Dennis guilty.

As the defective breathalyzer case continues, news sources continue to provide the most current and up-to-date information. Nj.com has revealed that Sgt. Marc Dennis is not accepting the charges that have been filed against him when he elected to plead not guilty. Dennis was required to attend his arraignment just recently in front of Judge Richard English and of course, he had his New Jersey criminal defense lawyer close by.

According to nj.com, Dennis did not speak a single word during this arraignment and his lawyer stated that he was “innocent of the charges brought up against him.” Dennis is currently charged with second-degree official misconduct, third-degree tampering with public records, and fourth degree falsifying records.

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Is there any evidence that may lead officials to believe that Dennis may be guilty? 

Some of the evidence that has already been provided highlights that Dennis failed to have the breathalyzer tests calibrated. The machines did not go through their routine checks which ultimately means they may not have been functioning at the time of use. Therefore, someone who may have been a .01 above the legal limit when tested may actually have been not guilty of DWI. Dennis’ supervisor allegedly was the one who “caught him skipping a required step in the calibration of the machines.”

Prosecutors did add that while the temperature check that Dennis supposedly skipped was not “scientifically necessary,” “it is required under procedures created to comply with a state Supreme Court decision regarding the admissibility of DWI test results.”

Although prosecutors believe the step isn’t exactly necessary to get an accurate reading, NJ DWI lawyers stated that “the temperature check was a crucial step meant to ensure citizens aren’t convicted of drunken driving based on a faulty machine reading.”

Because there is a possibility that some of the 20,000 individuals who were convicted may have been wrongfully charged, it is always advisable to have an experienced Camden DUI lawyer working for you to ensure your case is handled appropriately and fairly in the event you are charged with similar offenses.