Ronald Eric McIntyre of Randleman, North Carolina has been arrested and is currently being held in custody in lieu of bond in McDowell County. McIntyre was pulled over in Roderfield, just around 9 miles from Welch, West Virginia, as reported by

Arresting officers said they confiscated morphine and some undeclared cash in the bag. According to law enforcement officers, the cash and drugs found in the car were proportionally indicative of distribution and sale of narcotics. Officers testified that the signs they observed were all tell-tale signs of a drug dealer that was trading illegal drugs in exchange for money.

McIntyre hence not only faces DUI charges but also charges such as illegal sale of drugs and intent to sell. His arraignment took place in front of Magistrate Steve Cox and bond set at $75,000. He will need a stellar Welch, WV DUI defense lawyer to help him fight off some of these sticky charges.

Car – logging truck accident leaves one seriously injured

An accident between a logging truck and a car that occurred on US Route 52 has resulted in serious injury of one person that was involved in the crash. The accident occurred on US Route 52 in the proximity of a town called Keystone, around 11 miles from Welch, as reported by

According to eye witness reports, a 2013 Chevrolet Scion was travelling in a southerly direction when it deviated across the center line and rammed head on into a 2004 Mack Tandem logging truck which was travelling in the opposite direction heading north on Route 52. The fantastic lawyers on the site have no problem defending someone who made a mistake.


The driver of the Scion, who is yet to be identified by the West Virginia State Police authorities sustained serious injuries and had to be transported to a nearby medical facility immediately for medical treatment. He is currently admitted in Bluefield Regional Medical Center where his Welch, WV DUI attorney is waiting to be able to work with him.

The truck driver did not sustain any injuries and was checked out by emergency medical technicians as being in a stable condition. The accident is still under investigation while it is not clear whether alcohol or drugs were a contributing factor in the crash.

School bus struck by drunken driver in Mercer County

School students that were headed home on Wednesday had a frightening moment when their school bus was hit by a suspected drunk driver, according to

According to Mercer County Sheriff’s deputies, the collision occurred on Simmons Avenue in North Bramwell. The bus was occupied by the driver and six school students (all belonging to middle school grades) at the time of the impact. The other vehicle was described as a Chevrolet Cavalier. Thankfully, none of the children were hurt in the accident neither was the driver of the school bus. The crash is still under investigation.

Hire a Welch, WV DUI attorney

Drunken driving is considered as serious offense in West Virginia as it should be. According to DUI defence attorneys, anyone driving with blood alcohol content over 0.08% is technically driving under the influence. Sadly, sometimes people are unjustly charged with DUI. It is crucial that such folks appoint an experienced West Virginia DUI lawyer and defend themselves in a court of law. Otherwise, they may be penalized with harsh punishments.