Asheville, NC-An Asheville-area woman, is facing her 6th DWI charge in a short period of 16-months, and she is still on the road.

According to the Asheville Citizen-Times, the 61-year-old woman was most recently arrested for DWI on February 9th in Buncombe County. That makes it her 6th DWI arrest over a 16-month period, and she is still on the road.

The Citizen-Times reports that Barbara Burleson Anderson was arrested last week after she almost struck a Buncombe County police officer in I-40 while he was conducting a traffic stop. Anderson narrowly missed the officer, but the near miss led to her latest arrest.

Her string of arrests began in October of 2014 when she was first arrested for driving under the influence of prescription drugs. Then in 2015, Anderson was arrested for DWI four times, once in June, twice in October and once in November, according to the Citizen-Times.

Anderson is still on the road despite her repeat offenses mainly because her cases are still pending. That is mainly due to a backlog at the crime lab, and her cases cannot be resolved until the lab can process blood samples from her numerous arrests.

Sadly, Anderson is one of many people across North Carolina and the U.S. overall to drive under the influence of prescription drugs.

Having a prescription for a drug does not absolve a driver from being charged with and convicted of a DWI. There are scores of legal medications that adversely affect a person’s ability to drive. Prescription drugs can cause physical and mental impairment, making it impossible for a driver to react appropriately in when a dangerous situation arises.

Regardless of whether you have a prescription or not, driving under the influence of drugs carries tough penalties. In North Carolina, you face jail time, costly fines and license suspension if you are convicted of a DWI involving prescription drugs. That’s not all; a DWI conviction, especially for a repeat offense will stay on your record for at least 7 years, which in turn can affect your ability to get a student loan and keep you from getting a job you want. A DWI conviction will ripple through many aspects of your life, so USAttorneys urges you to contact a DWI lawyer in Asheville, North Carolina to discuss your defense strategies.

If you are facing DWI charges involving prescription drugs in Asheville, we urge you to contact a DWI attorney near your location to work on your defense. Our team of attorneys will fight on your behalf and work hard to provide you with an unbeatable defense strategy the will increase your chances of negating the consequences of a DWI charge. Let USAttorneys help you find an experienced lawyer today so you can get the advice you need.