Center, CO- Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson was charged with drunk driving early Friday morning after being stopped for speeding.

The Denver Post Reports that Lawson was traveling 61 mph in a 35 mph zone when an officer pulled him over shortly after 1 a.m.  In his report, the officer noted that Lawson smelled of alcohol, had blood shot eyes and was unsteady on his feet.

During the course of his arrest, police discovered he was driving without proper identification. Lawson admitted to police that he was previously charged with DUI in Missouri.

Lawson initially submitted to a field sobriety test, which he failed, but when it came time for the more accurate chemical test, he refused to take it.

Lawson was taken to a detention center and was charged with speeding, DUI and careless driving.

The Nuggets declined to comment about Lawson’s arrest because it is a pending criminal case.

Lawson was charged with underage drinking and driving in North Carolina when he played for the University of North Carolina, according to the Denver Post.

Under Colorado’s current DUI laws, repeat drunken driver offenses are not considered felonies. That means that DUI offenders face the same jail sentences and fines for a second or third offense as they do for a first offense. However, mandatory license suspension periods are longer for second and third DUI conviction.

According to statistics half of all first-time DUI offenders are going to repeat the offense. Despite the consequences and the high costs of a DUI, people don’t seem to learn their lesson and they continue to drive while they are intoxicated. MADD estimates many DUI offenders drive under the influence 80 times before they are caught.

Recently, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper asked state lawmakers to get tougher on repeat DUI offenders. He suggested they pass a law would make second and subsequent DUI offenses within a seven year period a felony in the state. A felony DUI would carry a maximum of 6 years in jail.

In addition to making a second or subsequent DUI offense a felony, lawmakers have also proposed legislation that would make ignition interlock devices mandatory for a second DUI conviction. Under current Colorado DUI laws, convicted offenders are only required to install and ignition interlock device after a third DUI conviction. Many states require offenders to install these devices with their first DUI offense.

If you happen to be one of the nearly half a million people who are repeat drunken drivers, you need to have a Colorado DUI attorney working on your defense. A lot is at stake with a DUI charge, you could spend time behind bars and lose your driving privileges. And your wallet will take a big hit if you are convicted.

A DUI may seem like a minor charge, but it isn’t this is a serious legal charge that should be handled by an experienced DUI attorney. Don’t delay and contact one of our Colorado attorneys so they can get started on your case.