Lt. Jeffrey Martel is a 47-year old police lieutenant in the Colchester Police Department. The cop himself was found on the wrong side of the law when his breath test registered 0.113% blood alcohol content. He has been handed a citation through his DUI attorney to appear in Vermont Superior Court in Burlington on April 9th.

Not looking good for Martel

The incident has kicked off two separate investigations, a criminal investigation being conducted by the Colchester Police and an internal investigation by his own department. Martel has been placed on administrative leave until further notice. South Burlington Police Chief has confirmed that the allegations have been taken very seriously but he refrained from making any further comments.

Martel should have known better, especially given the fact that he works as Division Manager in the Prevention Services. Martel has been with the South Burlington Police Department since 1997.

At 2:29 am on Sunday morning, two Colchester Police Officers were dispatched to handle the single-vehicle crash call. They arrived on scene to find Martel’s 2002 Honda Odyssey had collided with a light pole and the front of the car had sustained considerable damage. Fortunately, Martel himself escaped without any injuries.

Vermont State trooper suspended amidst DUI allegation

Eric Rademache is employed with the Vermont State Police and works for them out of the Rutland Barracks. The Trooper has been handed a citation which dictates that he appears in the Vermont Superior Court in Rutland on April 13th for his trial.

Rademache’s attorney has stated that Rademache will plead not guilty and is pretty confident he will be acquitted of all charges.

The prosecuting attorney general confirmed that Rademache is accused of driving with a blood alcohol content higher that 0.08% but refused to reveal more details under the pretense of professional conduct rules that effect prosecutors. When the Vermont State Police were asked about the details of the case, they ironically referred the questions back to the Attorney General’s office.

The authorities also declined to publicly state whether the accused trooper was on duty or off-duty when he was apprehended for being inebriated.

Governor Shumlin inquires why State Troopers breath test results are being withheld

Gov. Peter Shumlin has ordered his subordinates to inquire as to why a State Trooper’s breath tests have not been released as required by policy.

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The State Trooper in question is Eric Rademache, he is accused of a DUI and his court hearing date is set for April 13th.

The Vermont State Police Department has not released his test results despite having resumed releasing other test results. When asked about it, a spokesman for the police directed the question towards the Attorney General’s office and likewise the Attorney General’s office refused to give out details citing rules that bind them to confidentiality.

The Vermont Attorney General’s Office is independent of the Governor’s Office, which has established transparency in all matters ever since Shumlin was elected. It is quite possible that you may get accused and arrested wrongfully for a DUI. Under such circumstances, contact a DUI attorney through to prohibit your case from going south.