Dayton, OH- Fatal drunken driving accidents are always tragic but the story of Indiana police officer with 25 years on the force is downright heartbreaking. Officer Dan Shragal worked tirelessly to get drunken drivers off the road and the very night he was working a sobriety checkpoint, his daughter was killed by a drunken driver.

In his ten years on the Indianapolis DUI task force, Officer Shragal was issued nearly 4,000 citations for DUI. He was working a sobriety checkpoint on August 22 when he got the phone call every parent dreads; it was about his 22-year-old daughter Kristin. Her mother was calling to tell him that Kristin was hit and killed by a driver police suspect is drunk, according to Fox 59.

Shragal told People magazine that his daughter was on the way to a restaurant with her 14-month-old son when she was struck by a pickup truck. Her car was then pushed into a tree.

Kristin was pronounced dead on the scene. He 14-month-old son was seriously injured and faces a long road to recovery.

“I’m blessed that the last words I said to my daughter were ‘I love you, sunshine’ and she said ‘I love you too, daddy.’  That is the last time I spoke to her,” Shragal told Fox 59.

He said he hopes to continue doing his job without bias but admitted that after losing his daughter to a drunk driver it may be difficult.

This is a tragedy that no family should go through, but there are far too many people who are willing to endanger others because they are too stubborn to call for a ride. That stubbornness will come at a price especially if a person is pulled over, arrested and charged with a DUI/OWI.

At USAttorneys we don’t want to give the impression that it is okay to drink and drive because it’s not. It robs people of their lives and their loved ones. But if you do happen to make the regrettable decision of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, you need legal representation.

The consequences of an OWI/DUI kick-in immediately. First your driver’s license will be suspended. Most OWI/DUI offenders rely on their cars to get to and from work. Many also happen to driver for a living, so a DUI could put a pause in their career or force them to find a new line of work. When you have an OWI lawyer in Ohio working on your case, you may be able to avoid losing your license or your job.

If you are facing drunken or drugged driving charges, you need an aggressive defense; it’s you right and you need to exercise it. When you retain one of our OVI/DUI lawyers, you can count of them to do what it takes to minimize the consequences you potentially face. If you want to negotiate for lesser charges or want to go to court, our legal team can make that happen. Let us connect you with an attorney today, so you can make smart decisions about your case.