Tampa, FL- Florida is known to be a haven for some seriously wacked out folks! The state doesn’t have a monopoly on weirdos, but Cue a video that has gone viral which shows how whacko some Floridians really are.

WSVN out of West Palm Beach reports that two me posted a video of themselves driving around drinking from what appears to be a bottle of alcohol. But that’s not the worst of–although that’s pretty bad—they brought a great horned owl along for the ride.

You can see the video at WSVN.

Not only were they proud of driving under influence, they captured a federally protected bird and bragged about eating it. Eating it! That’s a federal offense so a DUI is the least of their worries. Not to mention how much harm the owl with its razor-sharp talons and beak could do to those two guys.

These guys are in the wind but since they posted the video on Facebook, and it’s gotten 126,000 views, it shouldn’t be too hard for authorities to track them down. Please do! Get ‘em! Because guys like these deserve to be charged. A double-whammy with the morally reprehensible.

These guys also gave further evidence to their crime, WSVN reports that one of the men posted this as his status: “3 a.m. in the morning we are drunk and we are high. We bout to take this thing home and eat it up, just found it on the road.”

The DUI might not stick, but the video is pretty convincing evidence of abuse to a federally protected species.

This story reminded us of other DUI arrests involving some manner of critters, big and small. No, DUIs are not funny, but the manner in which some people get them is laughable.

In the Old West, drunk horseback riding was pretty common, but it doesn’t happen too often these days unless, of course, you’re in Florida. In 2012, police arrested a man who wondered into an East Florida town on his horse, weaving in and out of traffic, even forcing police to stop a train. After menacing the town of Bunnell for about thirty minutes police charged him with DUI and cruelty to animals.

Yes. You can get a DUI on a horse or a lawnmower, a tractor, your bike.

Also in 2012, in the same week our DUI cowboy wandered into town, police in Clay County pulled over motorist for driving erratically. Of course, police suspected he was drunk, but the man denied he was drunk. He blamed it on the squirrel wrapped up in his shirt. Drunks do the dumbest things. To make matters worse, his girlfriend came to the scene and repeatedly told police she warned him he was too drunk to drive– another dumb thing to do. That didn’t do him any favors when it comes to his defense.

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