Cleveland, OH- In most drunken driving accidents, at least one party is sober, but that’s not the case for a recent accident in the Cleveland area. This accident involved not one, but two drunken drivers and no innocent victims. reports that the accident occurred Tuesday night in Fairview Park when one driver pulled his Corvette because he ran out gas. As the car was parked on the side of the road, a Ford Fit came along and struck the rear of the Corvette.

Police were flagged down and upon arrival at the scene, they determined that both drivers were intoxicated, and conducted field sobriety tests. The 27-year-old man driving the Corvette agreed to field sobriety tests, but the 35-year-old man driving the Fit did not, according to  Now on top of OVI charges, the driver of the Fit struck is also facing refusal and aggravated assault charges. His license was automatically suspended.

In a recent investigation of OVI arrests in Ohio, the Telegraph-Forum found that 54 percent of 83,000 people with suspended licenses refused to submit to field sobriety tests and breathalyzers. So, this is becoming a common practice, likely because motorists believe that they can avoid an OVI conviction but in some cases, refusing a test can be mean double the consequences. It is possible to be convicted of OVI and refusal in the state of Ohio.

The two men were taken to a local hospital for treatment and were soon released. Both drivers are lucky they didn’t suffer major injuries but they will have major legal troubles ahead and need expert legal counsel.

An OVI is not a minor charge by any means and can have long-term consequences if a driver is convicted. Many people don’t realize what kind of impact an OVI charge can have on all aspects of their life from the professional to the personal. Overtime, the costs of an OVI conviction will add up, costing the convicted person thousands of dollars and their good reputation.

The courts take intoxicated driving very seriously and such cases are aggressively prosecuted. That means a person facing such charges needs an equally aggressive defense. At USAttorneys, we have a team of OVI/DUI attorneys in Ohio who strive to give their clients the best defense possible and help their clients avoid conviction and minimize the associated penalties. They understand what is at stake for their clients and will tenaciously work on their defense.

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