Columbus, OH- “I killed a man,” Matthew Cordle says in a captivating 3 ½ minute video where he confesses to a deadly DUI accident in June when he took the life of a man after bar hopping with his friends.

In the emotional video, Cordell, does something that would make a DUI defense attorney cringe, he openly admits to being so drunk that he blacked out before striking another vehicle head-on.

“My name is Matthew Cordle, and on June 22nd, 2013, I hit and killed Vincent Canzani,” the repentant young man says in a video posted on two websites—you can and should watch the video here. “This video will act as my confession.”

Cordle, 22, says that he suffers from depression and on the night of the accident he went out and drank “heavily” with his friends to “have a good time” and get out of his head. On that fateful night, he says, he “made a mistake” and got into his truck to drive home even though he had so many drinks he blacked out. His cavalier attitude toward drinking and driving before the accident is somewhat typical of Americans,but changed to be more somber, sober and realistic.

While making his way home, the very drunken Cordle crossed over the centerline of Interstate 670 and drove head-on into oncoming traffic. He struck a Jeep driven by 62 year-old Vincent Canzani, who was pronounced dead on the scene.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien told the Associated Press that Cordle hasn’t been charged yet, but is being investigated for the death of Canzani. According to CBS, O’Brien said he downloaded the video to use as evidence and Cordle is being charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. If convicted he faces up to eight years in jail.

O’Brien also said that the video was “compelling” and that he has never seen someone confess in a video like that before.

Cordle’s blood tested positive for alcohol, but not drugs.

In his confession, Cordle said he taped the confession against all legal advice, but wanted to “take full responsibility” for his actions and was certain he would get a harsh jail sentence, but he is willing to pay that price. He didn’t want to “dishonor Vincent’s memory by lying about what happened.”

Cordle’s attorney, George Breitmayer III, told CBS that the video confession was a testament to the character of his client, and that he intends to fully cooperate with prosecutors.

Cordle closes the video, by “begging” viewers to not drink and drive.

“I can’t bring Mr. Canzani back, and I can’t erase what I’ve done, but you can still be saved. Your victims can still be saved. So, please…” Cordle says, as the words “don’t drink and drive” appear on the screen.

Cordle did what he thought was best for his consciousness and confessed to the fatal DUI, and he will probably face serious jail time. Every one handles these situations differently, and some people choose to fight their charge with the help of a DUI attorney, who can argue for a lesser charge or leniency on your behalf. It’s your choice to make.