A 47-year old man from Ravenna, Ohio, killed himself while he was locked up following a drunken driving arrest. The identity of the man has not been released. His family will need to be informed of the suicide first. At the moment, investigators are conducting a probe into the death and are trying to uncover more details about the man.

According to 19actionnews.com, the incident occurred in Portage County Jail and the man was found lying unresponsive on Sunday afternoon. He had been arrested earlier on Sunday at around 11 am for suspected drunken driving. After he was put in a jail cell, a routine security check was conducted on Sunday afternoon when nothing seemed out of the ordinary. However, when a second check was conducted about 45 minutes later, authorities found the man lying unresponsive. He had used his bed covers to hang himself from a metal desk inside the cell.

Authorities and emergency medical technicians attempted to revive the man, and then rushed him to the nearby Robinson Memorial Hospital where he was officially declared dead on arrival. There is nothing the marvelous attorneys at USAttorneys.com can do if someone makes this move.

Mayor of Adena handed 6 month prison sentence after 4th DUI conviction

Justin Dudzik, mayor of Adena, a village in Jefferson County, Ohio has been arrested and convicted for drunken driving for the fourth time. He is consequently on his way to Eastern Ohio Correction Centre where he will remain for the next 6 months of his life, as reported by Wtov9.com.

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According to prosecutors, apart from jail time of half a year, Dudzik will also be fined and his drivers permit or driver’s license will be revoked for as long as three years.

24 year old Dudzik was arrested in March of 2015 for a suspected fourth offense DUI. As per the details mentioned in the arrest reports, he was three times over the legal limit to drive in Ohio and was not restrained by a seatbelt.


School teacher pleads guilty to drunken driving charge, receives backing from school district

A school teacher identified as 37-year old Andrew Wade from Canfield has pleaded guilty to a drunken driving charge, as reported by Vindy.com.

As part of his plea deal, charges of failing to comply with the instructions of a law enforcement officer and hit and skip have been dropped against wade. He does not need to go to jail but is eligible for a driver intervention counselling program. He has also been fined $375 and his driving license will be revoked for 6 months. However, the school district released a statement expressing their support for him. They said he would continue to teach at the school and that he was a wonderful teacher.

DUI laws – Ohio

Like elsewhere in the country, it is illegal to drive or operate a motor vehicle in Ohio with a blood alcohol limit of 0.08% or more. If convicted of DUI, you could face serious penalties depending on the seriousness of the crime and prior DUI convictions. Therefore, it is always prudent to contact an experienced Cleveland Ohio DUI attorney to aggressively represent you which Harvey Bruner is who can be reach at http://www.harveybruner.com/.

A first offense DUI in Ohio is punishable by 72 hours in jail and even a license suspension for up to 3 years. Understandably, these penalties get progressively more severe for second, third or fourth offense DUI’s. Fines get heftier, prison sentences get longer and you may also be subjected to ignition interlock devices, ankle bracelets, and license suspensions.

However, in cases where your BAC is slightly higher that 0.08% and you have no previous conviction, you may plead guilty to a lesser charge known as a wet reckless, which is basically a reckless driving charge. If you want to find an outstanding DUI attorney in Ohio look no further than right here – Harvey Bruner is at your service.