(Franklin, OH) – January 6th, 2017: The Ohio Supreme Court made a unanimous split decision earlier this week in which they decided that when it comes to evidence in a DUI case, the testimony of experienced law enforcement officers will be deemed sufficient for convicting a defendant.

As reported by whio.com, the court also ruled that expert testimony is not required in circumstances where the suspect was under the influence of a painkiller and was impaired while driving.

Franklin, OH DUI lawyers, who can be found on the incredible website USAttorneys.com that has helped thousands of people every day of the week for years and will continue to do for years to come find the legal help they need, explain that the 4-3 decision came in a case which had been appealed after having been heard by a state appellate court.

The split decision essentially upheld the ruling of the state appellate court and threw out the conviction of defendant Clinton Richardson where it was claimed that prosecutors had not facilitated for expert testimony which associated the defendant’s behavior with the opiate hydrocodone, a drug that is a powerful painkiller.

You do not have to be expert to figure out if someone is on drugs!

Assistant Principal of Shawnee High School Charged with a DUI

According to arresting law enforcement officers, the Assistant Principal of Shawnee High School had made self-incriminating statements when he was pulled over saying that he had been consuming alcohol for around three hours at a birthday party prior to getting behind the wheel of his car. Supposedly, it was the 50th birthday of one of the staff members of the school that they were celebrating.

Assistant Vice Principle’s should not get DUIs or OVIs. It does not look good on their resume and they may lose some school cred (credibility!)

According to whio.com, the suspect in the case has been identified as Chad Mossing. As per police reports, when he was pulled over his eyes were bloodshot, he had the odor of alcoholic beverage, and his speech was slurred. These are the first signs that police officers look for when they pull over a driver, point out legal pros. He certainly was not prepared to teach a class either!

The traffic stop was executed on Ohio 47 at around 7 in the evening. As per Mossing, in the three hours that he had been drinking while at the party, he may have had as many as three or four beers. Probably around 10!

His arraignment has now been scheduled and his due to appear in court soon.

Man who Led Police on Slow Speed Chase Slapped with OVI Charge

An ABC report indicates that a suspect who supposedly led the police on a slow speed chase through Clark and would not conform to the instructions to pull over on New Year’s Day has been hit charged with an OVI.

According to law enforcement officers, the chase spanned across two counties. The suspect has been identified as 46 year old Eric Turner who has been charged with an OVI, driving on a suspended or revoked license, fleeing and eluding, and assaulting a police officer amongst possibly several other charges for his crimes on New Year’s Day.

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