Oklahoma City, OK- Police arrested a charged a 22-year-old Oklahoma City on suspicion of DUI after he allegedly caused an accident that killed three people including a toddler.

The accident occurred Monday night just before 11:30 p.m. KFOR reports that a yellow sedan carrying two adults and a 22-month-old child was T-boned by another vehicle at the intersection of Rockwell Ave. and Reno Ave.

One of the adults in car was pronounced dead on the scene. The other adult and out child survived the initial impact, but later succumbed to their injuries.

Police have arrest 22 year-old Demetrius Price and have charged him with three counts of vehicular manslaughter, driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license. He has a long criminal record, but no previous DUI charges, according to KFOR.

Driving under the influence is a bad decision that a little over a million Americans make every year. That bad decision doesn’t always lead to a tragic crash like this one, but it’s the times that intoxicated driving does result in a tragedy that Oklahoma lawmakers are compelled to make the state’s DUI penalties tougher and tougher.

Under Oklahoma law, a person convicted of their first DUI faces up to 5 days in jail and they are pretty much guaranteed to lose their license for a minimum of one year. A conviction for DUI will also make a person’s wallet take a big hit, forcing them to shell thousands of dollars for fines, fees, mandatory DUI programs, and increased insurance premiums. A DUI conviction is also put on your record and will show up on a background check.

The above penalties are for simple DUI charges with no additional charges. An individual who causes an injurious or fatal accident can expect very severe penalties including extensive jail time and a potential civil case. Simply put, the stakes are pretty high when it comes to a DUI charge, accident or not, and even worse with a DUI conviction.

There is no excuse for driving drunk or otherwise impaired and our attorneys encourage you to take steps and avoid it. Failing that, you have the right to present a defense on your behalf and fight your DUI charge. It’s a right you need to take advantage of.

The DUI attorneys at USAttorneys have a number of defense strategies in their arsenal and will work closely with each of their clients to come up with an effective defense. This is not a frivolous charge and not taking it seriously is also a bad decision.

If your or someone you know has been charged with a DUI, contact an Oklahoma DUI attorney immediately so you can discuss the details of your arrests and the consequences you are facing. Our team of lawyers understand how drastically a DUI conviction will impact your life. They strive to provide you with the very best defense and will do what they can to help you avoid conviction and a criminal record.