Oklahoma City Police Captain Arrested for Suspected DUI Requests Body Camera to be Turned Off

OKLAHOMA CITY — Disturbing police body camera footage has surfaced, showing an Oklahoma City police captain, James Matthew French, being pulled over for suspected drunk driving and repeatedly requesting the arresting officer to turn off his body camera. The incident occurred on March 12 when Sgt. Christopher Skinner observed French’s SUV swerving and making a turn without signaling. Body camera footage released by the Oklahoma City Police Department reveals the interaction between the two officers, shedding light on French’s attempts to avoid scrutiny. While Oklahoma City Police Chief Wade Gourley commended the officer for adhering to protocol and not disabling the camera, the incident underscores the need for legal assistance in DUI cases. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma DUI Attorneys at USAttorneys.com can provide guidance and support to individuals facing similar situations.

The Traffic Stop:

Shortly after 1:30 a.m. on March 12, Sgt. Christopher Skinner initiated a traffic stop on Capt. James Matthew French’s SUV, suspecting him of driving under the influence. Skinner had reportedly observed French’s vehicle swerving and making turns without signaling. Oklahoma City Police Department incident reports, along with body camera footage released by the department, provide insight into the encounter.

French’s Requests to Turn Off the Body Camera:

During the traffic stop, French immediately identified himself as an Oklahoma City police captain to Skinner. He then proceeded to request that Skinner turn off his body camera, pointing to his chest and whispering, “Turn the camera off.” Skinner, however, refused, stating that he was not permitted to disable the camera. French persistently pleaded with Skinner to turn it off, but the officer stood firm in upholding his duty to adhere to department policies.

Field Sobriety Tests and Arrest:

The body camera footage shows French struggling with field sobriety tests while repeatedly urging Skinner to turn off the camera. Skinner questioned French about his alcohol consumption, to which French claimed to have had “three or four” beers during a poker game, the latest one approximately two hours prior to the traffic stop. Despite French’s objections and attempts to engage in conversation, Skinner remained steadfast in maintaining the camera’s recording.

Legal Consequences and Administrative Leave:

Following the traffic stop, French was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and failure to signal intention to turn. He was booked into custody and now awaits the legal proceedings. Oklahoma City Police confirmed that French is currently on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into the incident.

Assistance from DUI Attorneys:

In DUI cases in Oklahoma City, seeking professional legal assistance is essential. Oklahoma City DUI Attorneys at USAttorneys.com specialize in handling DUI cases and can offer the necessary guidance and support during these challenging times. Their expertise in navigating the legal system ensures that the rights of those facing DUI charges are protected. If you or someone you know requires legal assistance, contact Oklahoma City, Oklahoma DUI Attorneys at USAttorneys.com to access the help you need.


The unsettling encounter between Sgt. Christopher Skinner and Oklahoma City Police Captain James Matthew French during a traffic stop highlights the significance of adhering to department policies and upholding the law, regardless of one’s position or rank. The refusal of the officer to disable his body camera, despite repeated requests from French, underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in law enforcement. As French faces legal consequences for the suspected DUI incident, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma DUI Attorneys at USAttorneys.com are available to provide the necessary legal guidance and support. By seeking professional legal assistance, individuals can navigate the complexities of DUI cases and work towards a fair resolution.