Tulsa, OK- Drunken driving is an issue in the U.S., contributing to a third of all fatal accidents that occur each year. In some of those cases, the drunken driver is not even legally allowed to drink, something one Oklahoma lawmaker would like to change.

Representative John Enns has introduced “Debra’s Law” which would crackdown on underage drivers who get caught driving under the influence. The law would strip an underage driver convicted of a DUI of their driver’s license until they turn 21, according to KFOR.

Enns said, “This is something that needs to be enacted because I think it will save lives.”

The law is named after Debra Reed, an Oklahoma woman who was killed in August of 2013 after being struck by a drunken driver. That driver was underage, had a blood alcohol content over twice the legal limit and had been previously convicted of DUI.

In addition to taking an underage person’s license away, Enns would like “DUI” stamped on a convicted offender’s license for up to three years which would prohibit them from buying alcohol for up to three years after their conviction.

Enns’ proposal to prohibit DUI offenders from buying alcohol is the same as a proposal introduced by state Senator Patrick Anderson. Under Anderson’s legislation, judges would be given the latitude to prohibit a convicted drunken driving offender from buying alcohol for period time they deem fit. Under Sen. Anderson’s proposed law, a DUI offender would be required to surrender their regular driver’s license so it can be replaced with a license marked “Alcohol Restricted.”

Sen. Anderson’s legislation would also make it a felony charge to knowingly sell to or purchase alcohol for a person with a restricted license. As long as people are killed in drunken driving accidents, Oklahoma residents can expect DUI laws to get tougher and tougher.

The DUI laws currently in Oklahoma’s books carries a potential sentence of 5 days in jail for a first DUI conviction. First offenders are also going to lose their license for up to a year and they will have to dole out thousands for fines, penalties, restoration of their driver’s license and insurance premiums. Also, you will be left with a criminal record and your DUI conviction will stay on your record

Whether you are underage, facing your first DUI or a repeat offense, you need an accomplished and knowledgeable Oklahoma DUI attorney working in your defense. Too many people fail to realize how severe the consequences of a DUI are and how they will be impacted. Trust us, a DUI conviction is no small matter and you’ll have to live with your mistake for years unless you fight.

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