Tulsa, OK- A routine arrest for driving under the influence turned into a nightmare of two Tulsa officers after the driver they pulled over assaulted them early Sunday morning.

According to the News on 6, police pulled over Jeremiah Lynn Quigg, 36, early Sunday morning after they observed him swerving. Upon pulling Quigg over police noticed the smell of alcohol emanating from his vehicle and noted he had “extremely glazed over eyes.”

When police tried place Quigg under arrest he began to curse and fight. According to News on 6, Quigg reportedly kicked one officer and struck the other in the head a couple of times. No one was seriously hurt and the situation was diffused quickly.

So now on top of his DUI charge, which is serious enough, Quigg is also facing two charges of assault on an officer,

Some Oklahoma lawmakers would like to tighten the state’s DUI laws. Earlier this month, Representative John Enns introduced “Debra’s Law,” a law that would increase penalties for a drunken driving. Enn’s legislation addresses drunken driving on a number of fronts.

For one the legislation would prohibit a person who has been convicted of a DUI from buying any alcohol for up three years following their conviction. DUI offenders would have their license stamped with a blazing “DUI” in order to prevent them from being able to purchase alcohol.

Law enforcement agencies across the U.S. arrest and average of 1.5 million people each year for driving under the influence, according to stats from the FBI. As long as DUI arrests remain that high, state lawmakers will keep trying to pass tougher and tougher DUI laws.

Under current DUI laws in Oklahoma, a person convicted of their first DUI faces up to 5 days in jail. A conviction will guarantee the offender will lose their license for a minimum of one year. A DUI conviction will hit a person’s wallet hard, requiring them to pay thousands in fines and fees for mandatory DUI programs. A DUI conviction also means the convicted individual will have a criminal record.

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