Omaha area driver gets busted for DUI in a fast food drive thru

Omaha, NB – Nebraska has harsh DUI penalties just like every other jurisdiction in the country. While drunk drivers can end up in absurd situations that make local news fodder, the consequences of the charges are still very serious. It is always recommended that people who are facing these charges retain an attorney to help as the case is processed through the criminal justice system. The lawyer may also help with other administrative penalties such as a license suspension that needs to be handled through the local department of motor vehicles.

Cops find drunk driver in fast food drive thru

The incident began on a Tuesday night at a Taco Bell drive thru just south of Omaha in the suburbs of Bellevue. An officer approached the scene to find a vehicle stopped in the area of the restaurant where customers pick up their food from the drive thru. The occupants of the vehicle had passed out and were investigated for DUI. They were charged after the investigation, and one officer present made social media posts about the situation. Some users commented that they were pleased that the suspects were apprehended before anyone was hurt. No information was given about the identity of the suspects or any additional criminal charges related to the incident.

DUI charges are no laughing matter

Even though the local police were joking about this incident, DUI charges are criminal offenses, and they can have a profound impact on someone’s life, including their finances and ability to find employment in the future. The sentence for a conviction or guilty plea can include a driver’s license suspension, fines costing thousands of dollars, probation, treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, and even jail time.

How will the state prove the driver was intoxicated?

The government attempts to prove DUI cases against suspects through a combination of factors. The police officers on the scene will give testimony about the suspect’s driving pattern, appearance and demeanor, along with their performance on field sobriety exercises. There will also be some kind of chemical test of a person’s breath, blood, or urine to detect the presence of alcohol or drugs. If an accident was caused by a drunk driver, this may also be introduced at trial and reflect poorly on the defendant.

Is it possible to defend against the state’s accusations?

DUI charges can sometimes be difficult for the state to prove. There will need to be one or more witnesses that actually saw the defendant driving, as well as some kind of evidence that proves the person was drunk at the time beyond all reasonable doubt. If the officers on the scene make procedural mistakes collecting the evidence, this can also be excluded by a defense attorney in some situations. It is best to get help from a defense lawyer as soon as possible after an arrest to discuss your specific case.

Talk to a local attorney after being charged with DUI

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