Detroit, MI- For any driver a driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol has long-term consequences. While, with the assistance or a DUI attorney, a convicted person can avoid a jail sentence, the penalties of driving under the influence can be severe. And if the convicted DUI offender is a bus driver or other commercial driver, their career is in jeopardy.

This week alone there have been two heavily-publicized incidents in which commercial bus drivers have been accused of driving under the influence. In one of the incidents, the bus was carrying passengers, but thankfully no one was seriously injured.

Earlier this week in Atlanta, a party bus driver was arrested for drunken driving after he crashed into a light pole.  The party bus driver, later identified as Brandon Smith, had dropped a group of revelers off at a nightclub near downtown Atlanta.

At 2 a.m., Smith returned to the club with the party bus to pick up the group he dropped off earlier, but instead of letting his customers get on the bus, Smith looked at them and drove away, My Fox Atlanta reported.

The party bus owner called police and just a little while later they found the party bus on North Ave. near Juniper after the drunk driver crashed  into a utility pole, a street sign, a car and a tree. The driver was arrested and charged with multiple counts including driving under the influence

Then on Tuesday, a bus driver for the Detroit public transit was arrested for drunken driving after he slammed into a parked car and drove away with two passengers on board. The driver continued to travel for nine miles before police caught up with him.

Two passengers in the parked car had minor injuries.

Police were tipped off after the passengers, a man and his son, got off the bus and called them to report the driver. They were rattled by their ride with the drunken bus driver, but were unharmed.

The driver, whose identity has not been revealed, blew a .20 on a breathalyzer, making him twice the state’s legal limit. In Michigan, any driver with a BAC over .17 is considered “super drunk” which calls for enhanced penalties.

The bus driver has been suspended without pay pending the results of an investigation and could face further discipline, the Republic reported. It is possible that this driver could lose his job along with his commercial driver’s license.

There are a number of professions and careers that are closed off to individuals who have been convicted or driving under the influence. A DUI conviction can bar a person from obtaining their commercial driver’s license or a job in the commercial driving industry.  A host of other careers are out of the question has a DUI conviction on their record.

People can make really bad decisions under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving is one of the more common ones. If you are facing a DUI don’t make another mistake by thinking a DUI attorney isn’t necessary, contact one today and discus your options for averting conviction.